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Monday, Monday...

The bus rides in to work and back home were pretty much uneventful. I spent most of my day catching up on email after being out of the office Thursday and Friday, and in a late afternoon meeting.

I caught the 5:00 bus home, and spent about an hour dicing a red, yellow, orange and green peppers, an onion, Gherkin pickles, mushrooms, carrots, and a cucumber. After that, it occurred to me that I missed the celery and the broccoli, so dived into those.

While I finished up making the salad, Casey arrived home and he made tacos for us. It was all most delicious.

Casey rode over to the library at Cameron Village with me, and I pointed out some of my buscapade characters... "this is where the lady gets on that puts her cigarettes out on the sole of her shoe... this is the stop where the phone lady gets on..."

Though I wasn't able to do it online, the librarian must have hit some "override" button, and renewed Made to Stick for me. I also picked up the tome that's big enough to be a door stop, Anna Karenina.

That Made to Stick book has so much incredibly useful information and so many good ideas that I'm going to recommend to my boss that our department, which consists of me, her, and my officemate, read excerpts from it for 10 or 15 minutes at each of our future staff meetings&mash;as professional development work.

Casey and I basically spent the rest of the night online. I finished up my blog entries from vacation.
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