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No fauna, no seatbelt, some smiles at the post office, thermostat drama, & dinner@the Borough...

At the bus stop today—after an earlier morning rain—I thought there'd surely be fauna about the wet ground. Nada. Yesterday neither. I guess the show on Monday was special entertainment just for me. Thanks, universe.

Just before my departing stop today, the road was very bumpy, and I noticed the bus driver's seat just a-bouncing up and down, and I had two thoughts in rapid succession:

  1. "Wow, that seat has good springs," and then,

  2. "Good lord, she's not buckled up."
At our stop, just as I was passing by her to depart, she called to the two people trying to exit the other door, "The back door doesn't work." I bit my tongue from saying, "I guess your seat belt doesn't either."

At the post office to mail that framed picture, I said to the clerk, "You were in my blog a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh yeah? Why was that?" she asked both surprised and delighted.

"When I was buying one of those envelopes over there," I said pointing to them, "and I put one back, because it wasn't the right size, you said, 'Do me a favor? Turn that around the other way so the blue area on it lines up with the others.' That just cracked me up, because it is so something I would do, too."

"Well, you know," she said, and I thought, "Here comes the rationalization for her OCD," as she continued, "If you put them back the opposite way, there's a little tab over the sticky part, and when the next person pulls it out, it catches on the one next to it and peels off."

"Interesting," I said, busted. She really did have a good reason for her request.

Then she added, "But there is an element of OCD in it, truth be told."

I said to her, "I recently heard someone say, 'No, I don't have OCD. I have CDO, which is like OCD, but with all the letters in alphabetical order like they should be.'"

I left her laughing and smiling, and I thought of my friend Ginny's blog entry:  Nine Simple Things You Can Do to Make Yourself (and Strangers) Smile More.

I've mentioned the deep freeze meat locker that our conference rooms are, and today I snapped a couple of pictures of the shenanigans that have ensued with regards to that. Someone has drawn this all the way to the left of the whiteboard, where it stays:

This sign has gotten funnier over time, first with the change to the arrow to indicate that it's below zero in there, and then someone correcting the word "damn," making it "damned." So something I would do, but it wasn't me.

I also love the technical term, "screen thingy," for that device that you have to stick up into a slot at the bottom of the projection screen to pull it down in order to use it.

On the other side of the room, this could have something to do with the room temperature.

Someone said that it looks like one of the thermostats committed suicide.

I saw a headline today that said, "M*A*S*H Star Comes Out," and I thought, "Please, lord, don't let it be Klinger."

I got a call from my friend Myra that she wanted to meet and ask my opinion about something. We met at The Atrium off the Brickyard and she filled me in, and asked my opinion about something. In respect of her privacy, that's all I'm going to say about it. I'm proud of her.

I caught the 4:00 bus home, and started a load of laundry that included my guest bed bedding. I also stored all things laying around the room, dusted (which was desperately needed), and vacuumed. All ready for my guest.

Robert arrived after five, and we went to The Borough for dinner, where we both had their:

Valhalla 2.0 . . . . . . . . . . 9.50
4 oz. filet mignon topped with a homemade creamy crab sauce, served on a grilled baguette with a side of fresh steamed green beans

I had my steak cooked medium-well. Robert ordered his rare, and I was surprised that they brought it that way. I thought we had a law here in N.C. now that served meat had to be cooked at least to medium.

We looked over our "Disney Vacation Package" from AAA, mostly scoping out the coupons they included and where we might use them throughout the park.

Tonight's plan is "early to bed, early to rise," as we have to be at the airport by about 5:15 tomorrow morning.

I thought there was free wireless in the room, but reviewing the brochure tonight, it said, "Wireless access is available in the rooms for a fee." Girl doesn't pay fees, so I'll undoubtedly write all weekend, but entries probably won't get posted until Sunday.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
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