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Working, the mystery blazer, 3rd period of "the" game, cheap coffee, and a fun night of dancing...

John was a dull boy today. I worked for about seven hours, but at least it was work that I like, and the time just flew by. At times, I was in what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi would called "flow."

Since not too much happened today, I'm going to take advantage of this cyber real estate, and talk about three things I remembered from yesterday—whose entry's real estate went off the map.

The first two things are quickies:

  1. It was exam week this week, which means all of the 16-ounce cups of coffee in the student dining areas were 15 cents each, 16 cents with tax. I just love that.

  2. I guess if you're a male, when someone on the bus says to you, "Yeah, I'm gonna get home and catch the 3rd period of the game," that: number one, you're expected to know what sport he's talking about, and number two, which game between which teams. Well, I don't!

Let's call the third item: "Detective Nematome and the Mysterious Case of the Abandoned Blazer."

So the basement in our building at work is where the conference rooms are that we use most of the time, and it's usually absolutely freezing in them. My officemate and I were heading down there for a meeting, and she saw me grabbing my jacket and said, "Dang it! I wish I had a jacket with me today."

To which I replied, "You do. There's that one behind the door."

"Behind the door?" she said. "I don't have a jacket behind the door."

"You don't?" I asked incredulously. "Well there's been one hanging there since September 15, 2008 when I started working here. I just assumed it was yours." (I always keep a sweat jacket on one of the hooks there, plus from where my desk is I can see behind the door, so I've seen that blazer every day for over six months now.)

"Well, it's not mine," she said right away and confirmed after looking at it. "It's probably Jude's." (Jude is our boss.)

I showed it to Jude. "That's a 5/6. That's definitely not mine. It's probably Laura Ladrie's. She sat here for a little while, and she could wear a 5/6."

I sent Laura a direct tweet on Twitter asking her if she has been missing a houndstooth blazer for the last six months, to which she tweeted back, "No, I haven't."

So, I sent her this email:

Hi Laura,

So someone left such a blazer behind the door in my office, and I had (since September) been assuming that it was my officemate's, (Rhonda's), but she said it isn't, and that she thought it might be Jude's. But Jude said it wasn't hers, and that it was probably yours, since you sat in this office for a while.

So, are you saying that you just don't miss it, or that it's not yours? :-)


To which she replied:

Hmm. Most mysterious. I'm just not a houndstooth kinda gal mostly. If it ever was mine, I have completely forgotten about it at this point.

Which is not to say I wouldn't put a blazer behind a door and move on without it. THAT is a crime I will probably commit many times before I'm gone (I have two sweaters behind my door right now for instance, quaking on their hangers), but I've really wracked my brain for anything houndstooth and I'm coming up blank.

I appreciate that you're working so hard to reunite the blazer with its lost owner. The mystery lives on however. Time for the next episode of Blazer CSI ~ (or is it "Detective Nematome and the Mysterious Case of the Abandoned Blazer"?)


Still not convinced that this wasn't her blazer, I ran downstairs to our HR person and borrowed a digital camera, and took a couple of pictures of it. (Laura works in another building on campus now.) I sent her this email:

Hi again, Laura.

For the record, I am totally fashion-challenged and this might not be houndstooth at all. Here's what it looks like and a close-up of the material. With your final confirmation that it's not yours, I'll put a notice out on the oit-social list about it. (BTW, FWIW, it's a size 5/6, and people here said that that was a size you could wear. Personally, I don't know anything about ladies sizes, so if that's bad, please forgive me.)



And shortly after, I received this reply:

Well dang! I do remember this jacket. LOL

I'm red faced.

It is houndstooth, but in my head, I was not picturing the color right. I was in the khaki/brown family and this is gray black. I'm a goober. I'll tell David to get it from you next week.

Ha, mystery solved. Case of the forgetful IT girl is solved! I'll get a chuckle out of the retelling of this tale.


Dancing was a ton of fun tonight. I had a great two-step with Tom (bearzendurham). I'm always amazed at how well we dance together, particularly because we do it so rarely and don't really "know" each other's "style." That's the sign of a good lead. (For the record, we can both lead or follow, and he was leading.)

I also met Dan (dan4behr), whose postings I've seen for a couple of years now on several of my other LiveJournal friends' blogs. Sweet!
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