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Still tedious, some fun pics and vids, and a great dancing night...

I had two meetings canceled at work today, which left me with none. Sweet!

I worked all day on finishing up those tedious meeting minutes I was working on yesterday. Still tedious.

Someone tweeted a link to this today:
And a major FAIL on failblog.org:

And, finally, this in from Kirk who told us about it during our vacation in Key West:

Can you give a brother a hand?

Dancing was great, great fun tonight. We had a fair number of dancers and the crowd was plentiful and lots of fun, too.

Near the end of the evening, Bob (who is Winnie Baygo when he does drag) was there with a couple of friends, and they made two requests of us, the first being Backstreet Attitude and the second being MLD, specifically to Cher's Believe. They sung their hearts out during the Cher song and dance, and "the crowd went wild" at the end.

Nice ending to a fun night.
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