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Virtual Friday for me, a nice visit with Adam @ line-dancing...

We had our hour-and-a-half working team meeting this morning, which was quite productive, and we ended with 15 minutes to spare. As usual, it was absolutely freaking freezing in the conference room.

I had two afternoon meetings today, one from 1:00-2:00, and another, across campus, from 2:00-4:00. I thought I'd go to the first 45 minutes of the meeting and then catch a bus over to the McKimmon Center for the 2:00 meeting, but it turned out that wouldn't work timing-wise, and I actually ended up having to skip the 1:00 meeting to take a ride with my colleague, Jen, over to McKimmon.

The 2:00-4:00 meeting was about SEO, and it was pretty interesting, although most of it will probably not be applicable to our work.

I thought I'd be able to catch the bus closer to the McKimmon Center than I actually was able to, so I got a little bit of a walk in, which in and of itself wasn't bad; it just took up more time than I'd planned.

Once home, I logged back into work for a while, and put in a load of laundry.

Line dancing was extra fun tonight, because my friend Adam Brackman dropped by. He's an IBM colleague and friend of mine, and he was here at the IBM RTP site for a few days for meetings.

We had a ton of laughs, some around shared memories of our trip to Greece with the IBM GLBT Networking Group back in September of 2004. We laughed, we danced, it became a part of us.

Actually, Adam and I both laughed, only I danced, and our time together probably wasn't long enough to say it became a part of us, but I like the cadence of the phrase.

Robert, Adam told me to make sure I said hello to you.
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