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An erand-y day, filets on the grill, and a phenomenal Manbites performance...

I was up around 10:00 today, and it was an erand-y kind of day. My library book was due, but just before heading there, which was out of the way of my other errands, I decided to just renew it online. Done with it. May 2nd now. See for yourself.

I ran to Target, where I bought:

My next stop was the grocery store, where I bought:
  • 18-pack Diet Coke
  • Breyers Coffee and Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream (buy one, get one free)
  • a Patrick Cudahy ham
  • 2 lbs of shrimp (buy one, get one free)
  • Kraft 1000 Islands (one with Bacon, one fat-free, which I dump into a mixing bowl, mix together, and then pour back into the bottles)
  • 3 ½-pound sticks of Swiss Cheese
  • pineapple tidbits
  • canned green beans
  • canned corn
  • a Gala apple
  • 33% reduced fat potato chips
  • Minibag-sized popcorn
  • bananas
  • fresh asparagus
  • a sweet onion
  • a red pepper
  • a yellow pepper
  • a red pepper
  • a green pepper
  • a cucumber
  • sliced mushrooms
Congratulations, you made it through my entire grocery list.

Robert arrived at just before 5:00, and he cooked filet mignon for us on the grill after changing my propane tank. At least a year ago now, maybe even two, I bought two propane tanks at once, in case one ran out in the middle of a party or cookout or something. Good decision in retrospect.

The filets were cooked perfectly, and I made my no-lettuce salad of all those vegetables and the pineapple tidbits I'd just bought, adding celery, broccoli, diced Gherkin picles, and raisins.

We rounded the dinner off with some asparagus, steamed perfectly—with a pat of butter melted on them—okay, two pats of butter.

We saw the 8:15 performance at Manbites Dog Theater of Oldest Living Confederate Widow: Her Confession. Once again Manbites came through with superior-quality entertainment. Just superb.

"She who laughs, lasts."

Meet Lucy Marsden, 99 years old, the widow of the American Civil War’s last surviving soldier. An unrepentant child bride and the mother of his nine children, she now lives to tell. And tell. And tell!

A remarkable woman recounts her life story, in this harrowing and hilarious comedy about wars, both Civil and domestic. Based on the classic best-selling novel, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All by Allan Gurganus.

This was an hour-and-fifteen minutes of monologue. It's absolutely astounding to me how someone can memorize so much material. Deservingly, Jane Holding was given a standing ovation.

Back home, we did an Indy crossword puzzle, and then in search of another one, found about 12-15 already completed ones.

We rejected one from Duke's The Chronicle, because it was actually an LA Times puzzle, but mostly because the font was too small.

I had a copy of the latest Independent in my briefcase, and we worked on that one until we started falling asleep doing it.
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