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A buscapade, Ashton's unabashed love, and dancing...

This morning's buscapade is about this adorable little biracial girl that I think I've mentioned here before.

Most days she is only with her (white) mother, and she's absolutely precocious and adorable. One day last week, or the week before, her (African-American) father was with them, and he was totally disengaged—from both of them. He seemed like an unhappy person.

On the other hand, the mother is always totally enamored with her daughter; you can tell just by watching her face and her reactions to the child. I have never heard this woman say anything like, "What now?" or get impatient with this child in any way. She seems nothing but engaged with, and affirming to, her daughter.

At any rate this morning, the little girl was her usual, jolly self smiling, laughing, and asking questions that made her mother—and some of us around her—laugh.

"Mommy? Tell me all of your secrets so I can get big, too."

And a few minutes later, pointing at her own nostrils, "Mommy, you have a booger right here."

Mother taking out tissue and wiping, "Is it gone?"

"No," smiling.

"Gone now?"

Head shaking back and forth, but urging her along with her facial expressions alone.

"How about now?" mom asked.

With a lit up face, "Yes!" she celebrated.

As they usually do, they got off at my stop, and I've been wondering if she (the mother) works at the university, but if so wonder what she does with the little girl all day. But today, I noticed while riding that she had two notebooks in her hand, and at one point she held them up to rest her arms across them, and the one facing me said, "GENETICS NOTEBOOK" on its cover. Now, I think she's a student, but I still wonder what she does with the little girl while she's in classes.

My hope is that she'll get that degree and find herself a happier husband, and father for that adorable little one, if that's what she wants, of course.

I've mentioned before on here that Ashton Kutcher @aplusk and Demi Moore (@mrskutcher) are on Twitter. He really does seem absolutely crazy about her, or is putting on a good show for the Twitterverse if he isn't.

I'm just a little embarrassed to say that I participated in one of Ashton's little sweet gestures for Demi this morning. These are all Ashton's tweets:

Waiting for my wife to wake up half way across the world so I can tell her good morning.

I had a gangbuster morning of work, and an average afternoon.

Dancing was fun tonight. The bar was crowded for some queer reason, which always adds to the fun.

Carl reviewed the Cleveland Shuffle, a dance I'm not too crazy about, though I say that a lot of times when I learn a new dance. More often than not—mostly in fact—they grow on me, though one or two haven't—Settlin' and Cowboy Handjive being two of them.

For the second lesson, Carl tried to "re-teach" us Hideaway Cha—so that we'll do it like the rest of the world does—but he couldn't get the steps right himself. If you ask me, we spent too much time on it. Oh well.

Joe was out, since he's off tomorrow, and we were going to go over to CCs at around midnight, but once we got to the top of the stairs, we both agreed that it probably wasn't worth the price of admission and went home instead.
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