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A "meetin-ous" day, and an overflowing washing machine...

I had two 1.5-hour meetings at work today.

From 10:00-11:30 was our monthly staff meeting at my boss's boss's level, which consists of people in four departments. I took minutes for this meeting. A lot of people were missing today, as there was a iPhone Web App Development class that several people were attending.

In the afternoon, from 4:00-4:30, we had our department/team "working" meeting. I like this meeting each week; it's where we actually do things while we're together instead of just talking about them. Today, we got a good handle on our department's Web site, and afterwards I incorporated a few of the things we talked about.

This evening, I was upstairs minding my own business while my wash proceeded on its own downstairs. After about an hour, I remembered that I had started it, and when I went downstairs to move the load into the dryer, I heard trickling water coming from around the corner in the kitchen where my washer and dryer are.

I turned the corner to find the water filled all the way to the top of the washing basket, and trickling over the side and down onto the floor. There wasn't too much water on the floor yet, but some. I pushed the dial in to stop the cycle. Nothing. I pulled on it, pushed on it, tried to turn it. Nothing. Water still overflowing.

I pulled the plug on the washer. Nothing. It was the dryer outlet. I couldn't find the washer outlet, so I reached to my fuse box right to the left in the same closet, searched for the washer button, had trouble finding, turning off lights around the house as I randomly flipped off breakers. Water still trickling. Found the one that said "washer." Turned it off. Water kept overflowing. I turned off the left faucet. Water still trickling. It was the hot faucet; I was doing a cold wash. Turned off the other faucet. Finally.

Guess I'll be doing some washer and dryer shopping this weekend. The good news is that's time. The pair is 15+ years old, and the washer was beginning to rust—at various time leaving a rust stain on random articles of my clothing. Annoying as fuck.

Actually, another, side benefit to this is that I'll get to clean up behind that washer and dryer, where I know it's a quagmire of dust, as some of it "streamed out" with the water as it leaked out of the closet and into my kitchen. This is good time with a houseguest coming for a couple of weeks in May.
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