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An upper body workout, some Targeted shopping, and some taxes...

I didn't get some things done that I wanted to get done, but I got some things done that I needed to get done, but hadn't planned on getting done today.

I worked out early afternoon today, starting back on my alternating upper and lower body workouts, starting with upper body. I started with the weights on all machines between 15 and 20 pounds less than the peak I had reached when I stopped doing them regularly back in September.

After the upper body workout, I did 10 sets of 20 ab crunches on the benches dedicated for that purpose.

I went to Target tonight, where I bought:

  1. An armband and protector for my iPod Touch

  2. TurboTax '08 Deluxe

  3. A bag of Murray's Old-fashioned Ginger Snaps

  4. A jar of Market Pantry Gherkin pickles

  5. A can of Gillette Foamy Sensitive Skin

  6. Target's generic version of Head & Shoulders

  7. Two drip pans for the back burners of my stove (forget about the rings, damnit!)

  8. A 60-count package of Target brand small paper plates

  9. A stainless steel thermos (for my morning coffee)

I really hadn't planned on doing taxes tonight, but I wanted to get Robert's done, since he gave me his info a week or more ago, and I bought Turbo Tax tonight.

His were quick, so I went ahead and did mine, too. I exercised $123,000 worth of IBM stock options in 2008, at a cost of $94,700, for a gain of $28,342. I thought it was going to be a hassle accounting for that exchange in Turbo Tax, but what I realized by the end was that IBM included that whole transaction in my wages, so once I'd entered the info from my W-2 form it was all said and done. Yay!

I'm still bitter about an $11,000 tax liability on that $28,000 gain, but I did take the $17,200 and run last year. :-)

Not to mention, those options are all totally worthless now, as the current price of the shares is below what my strike price was. So, I could have gotten not a damn penny from them, which makes a $17K net profit look pretty damn good right now. :-)

Oh yes, that upper body workout was a real workout. Every upward movement of my arms is noticeable.
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