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A day of affirmations...

I had a morning of meetings today.

The first one was the University Information Technology Committee (UTIC) meeting, which is held every other month. It's the one that I recently (a couple of weeks ago) finished the meeting minutes before, as that's my charge, and this is one of those "official university meetings" that has to be documented for the public. That went from 9:30-11:00.

Though I had an 11:00-12:00 meeting, the UITC meeting ran over by about five minutes, and by the time I got out of there and across the street, it was about 11:15. I joined the 11-12 in progress, which wasn't bad, and was fairly productive.

I walked to the Gopaks Bazaar convenience store, which as I've mentioned here before, houses a little-known small restaurant in the back, and I the most incredibly delicious lunch. It was their "Non-vegetarian Lunch Platter." They always have a vegetarian platter and a non-vegetarian platter to choose from, and the platter consists of two main items, a ton of (I think it's Jasmine) rice, a small salad, and a piece of flat bread. Today's main items on the non-vegetarian platter were Chili Chicken and Chicken Currey.

I was practically crying and sweating just a bit by the time I finished it, but it was just so good. On the way out, I stopped at the counter and said to the lady who had taken my order, "That was very, very good. Thank you!"

She smiled broadly and said, "It's your first time here?"

"No," I replied, "but every time I come, everything is just delicious."

"Well, thank you for letting us know," she said.

I had a very productive work afternoon and caught the 6:30 bus home.

A few affirmations via Facebook today...

This exchange with my friend Susan:

 Susan Harrison Wheeler wrote:
Yee haw! to you, too! John Martin, you precious thing, how are you? Just seeing your sweet face makes me smile :-)
 John Martin wrote:
Yay! My life is just so great. Lovin' it. It's great to be connected with you on here. What's up in your part of the universe?

and this one with my friend Courtney:

 Courtney Malvik (Baltimore, MD) wrote:
I was looking at old pictures of us last night and felt such nostalgia for those good old commuting days. Well, nostalgia for some of it! Remembering how we met when you came to fix something on my computer. You techie you. What a bright light you are. Love love.
 John Martin wrote:
Awww, thanks for providing my daily affirmation for today! :-) I was just thinking about those days, too, as someone's going to come spend some time with me for a couple of weeks. I rarely, IF EVER (seriously) remember how I meet people, but I remember our meeting well, too! You were in that lab area, and we had such fun! Three of my fondest memories of our times together are 1) the time that we have the picture of where we stuffed the white-chocolate covered Oreos in the shot glass containing a blowjob, 2) the time my friend Joe and I were underneath the hood of your Mercedes in the IBM parking lot trying to do a Lesbian's job of pushing buttons or connecting wires that might cough your car into starting, and 3) giving you FOOD for a flower to add to your bridal bouquet. :-) Thanks for the memories, kiddo! ***SMOOCH***

Here are pictures of two of those three memories. The little twig with the red peppers on it is what I gave Courtney for her wedding bouquet.

My friend, Katherine chandler updated three details about how we know each other as "Friends" of each other on Facebook, and one of the ways was as "Extended family." That's nice.

I had the following thank you card in my U.S. mailbox when I got home. This is from my aunt, for whom a month or so ago I had some photos enlarged to 16x20 of pictures I had taken a year or two ago of the grounds around—and including—hers and my uncle's house.

Hi John,

Just to let you know how much joy I had yesterday seeing my beautiful photos hung up in my living room. The one with "Thanks for the Memories (2008)" cam out perfect in a gold frame that shows all the print. The frame picks up a lot of the one where I have Lisa's picture. The fountain is on the left of the sofa—and the bell on the right. The front door will be over the chair in the dining room

Karen and Joe couldn't get over how much character and originality it brought to the room. I bought ficus trees and also put them on each side of the sofa (gorgeous). :-)  Gave Karen the pictures you did for her. She is so-o-o happy! I saw tears in her eyes.

I also bought a sago palm (Bonsai) for the other room and it's next to the Buddha you gave me in 1971. You remember? Love it!! Thanks a million John. I won't ever forget your wonderful gesture!!

Love you,
Aunt Annette xo

P.S. I'm thinking of putting the swans, top of fountain, scenery, and the art-in-trees in guest room and in pool room (nice).

And in a final token of affirmation, as in affirming a friendship, hearing my name called, I looked up at one point when beginning a line dance tonight and who should be sitting at the bar dividing the dance floor from the rest of the bar? My new Twitter friend @hughlh!

We had a good dance night tonight. There were a fair number of patrons in the bar, and several new people took the lesson. Robert's old friend, Tony, was there and took the lessons, and two new guys that were there on Saturday, Fred and Ron, came back tonight and took the lessons as well.

Tonight we reviewed Funky Cowboy and we learned the Zorba dance, which is great, because it's one of those dances that is always done at hoedowns and rodeos. And it's good timing with the Queen City Stomp coming up next month. Woohoo!
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