DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Non-bored board meeting!

Book club meeting was good today. We didn't discuss the book, but that's not why it was good. :-) Sharon talked about her new car, and on our walk out, just the two of us, confessed her concern about Nicholas probably having had a brain injury when he had his near-drowning. I feel for her, and her mother's anguish.

I received everyone's action item progress report before the meeting, along with the agenda, and was able to fully prepare the template for tonight's minute taking. That is going to make the write-up infinitely easier!

Our board meeting was good! We elected Chris to the board, and Shawn was in attendance and expressed interest in helping out in the areas of treasurer, newsletter editor, and media response. We need to make sure he doesn't overextend himself, but it's nice to have some more bodies helping us out!

I was going to go to Karaoke after the meeting, but it went almost 45 minutes over, and I was hungry and tired. I went home and had leftovers from my delicious sweet and sour chicken I made earlier in the week. A definite "keeper" recipe.

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