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A morning earworm, love@50% off, good reviews, Abe travels, and a night out with the tweeters...

This morning, much to my horror, I found myself singing out loud while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, "The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, 'round and 'round, 'round and 'round..." [Go ahead, click on it.]

My boss reviewed my draft of the minutes of that university meeting that I worked on yesterday, and made several recommended updates with Microsoft Word tracking. I accepted all of the tracked comments, and she sent them out to the distribution list for review. Yay!

At lunch time, I took the Wolfline #4 Westgrove bus for the first time ever, which has a stop right by the K-mart off Western Boulevard. I desperately needed a birthday card for my mom to get in the mail today. Her birthday is Sunday, and I want it to arrive tomorrow.

While I was there, I impulse-bought a Whitman Sampler Valentine's Day chocolate heart, which was 50% off. Back at the office, I sent out a message: "Love@50% off in my office. Come get a piece!"

I checked the feedback from the class I taught on Twitter on Wednesday. I hate presenting, so it's always a surprise, and pleasure, when I get good feedback! Yay!




I received a "Where's George?" bill in my change from lunch at Gumby's yesterday. Today I entered it into "Where's George?" which evidently now includes "Where's Abe?"' (It was a $5 bill that I had.) as well as other dead presidents. I logged in and logged the bill. Here's its history so far:

As the bill's history would indicate, I met a group of the @RalCoolkids at The Raleigh Times. I drove downtown, parked in front of Flex and took the free R-Line bus over to The Times. I love that service! And there was a total hottie on the bus to boot, who was also going to the times. Bonus. I had two cocktails there, while most of the rest of the group was eating.

After that, I walked with @DiMambro, @DTRaleigh, and @PrachiG over to Landmark Tavern, where Prachi snagged a free membership to the place for me. Woohoo. There was a host of @CafeHelios folks there, as it was Ian's (one of the managers there) birthday. My grad school professor, and now friend, Brad, was there with that group as well. I also saw Brian Coe, a fellow grad school student there at one point in the evening, too. Landmark's obviously the place to be.

Prachi left after a while and another tweeter, @cammicam, joined us. At some time a little after 1:00, we settled our tabs, mine of which I expected to be either $36 or $42, but was delighted to find it $20! I left our waitress a 50% tip. The four of us walked over to a hot dog stand between CCs and Legends, where Jason, Leo and Camden had chicken sandwiches, and I had one of those spicy hot dogs. Yum!

We called it a night, with me walking back to Flex where I'd parked, and the three of them heading back toward Fayetteville street, where at least one of them lives.
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