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That tired couple on the bus and an overwhelming workday...

The couple I talked about at the beginning of this blog entry last week was on the bus again this morning. Dang, that guy just must not get any sleep. He was slumped all over the girl again, his face actually resting on her thighs, while she gently rubbed his temple.

It's scenarios like that in which "straight privilege" always comes to my mind. Could you imagine the eyebrow-raising, and thoughts, if it were two guys doing that? Let's just say I'm betting it wouldn't be, "Awww, ain't that sweet." But I bitterly digress...

Today I noticed that the girl had on peace sign earrings and a cuff in the back, upper part of her left ear.

I attended a 9:00-10:00 meeting that I wasn't prepared for, but managed through okay. I stayed after a little bit with a couple of folks, which caused me to be late for my 10:00-11:00, which was actually in another building with which I'm not familiar. ←That's a lotta whiches up in there. Since my boss had gone to it, and I was going to be too late, I skipped it.

Back at my office, I tweeted: "It's official. I'm overwhelmed at work." Within a few minutes, four of my colleagues who use Twitter, all re-tweeted the message. Ah, misery does love company.

We canceled our 1.5-hour "working" team meeting this afternoon, and I got into doing the minutes of an official university meeting that our team (now, me!) has to document. It's an every-other-month meeting, and we're supposed to have the minutes of the previous meeting out two weeks before the next meeting. That would have beeen yesterday, hence the urgency of finally getting them done.

At one point, my boss, who's always trying to get me and my officemate (a.k.a. my teammate, a.k.a. the other person in our department of three) to enjoy healthy snacks (such as raspberries and figs, while she and I are bringing in donuts, cinnamon buns, and sausage biscuits), popped into my office with some oatmeal raisin cookies made with a few (visible) shredded carrots in them. "Oh, a vegetable," I declared, as I took one.

At around 7:30 or 8:00, my sister called to let me know that she had "tucked my parents into their chairs" and was finally on her way back home (to Greenville, NC) after spending almost a week with them while my dad was in the hospital. This was good news, indeed.

I continued to work on the minutes, and at one point I accidentally hit the huge-and-front-and-center RECORD button that's on the digital recorder we use to record the meetings and lost several seconds of the meeting, but thankfully not the minutes in their entirety. After that near-debacle, I loaded some software that pulled the digital recording off the recorder and onto my computer where I could manipulate it much, much more easily with a desktop application interface.

It's such a tedious process doing minutes that are official university documents open to the public. But, it's rewarding when they're done. (I was the secretary on the board of directors of a nonprofit for five years, and it was a similar experience with theirs.)

I finished with less than a minute to spare in catching the last city bus home at 10:13.

I tweeted about catching the bus home, and a friend on Facebook posted a comment on my wall that said, "The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round..."
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