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Mom Shumaker's passing, my Twitter presentation, dining at The Flying Biscuit, and dancing...

I started off my work day with a meeting with the Computing@NC State team. There wasn't too much to cover and we finished in 40 minutes, instead of taking the entire hour.

I put on final touches to my Twitter presentation, and shortly before I left to cross the street to the building in which I was presenting to set up, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

I saw that it was Robert, and as soon as he started talking, I said, "This is the call, isn't it?"

His mother had passed away about 30 minutes before, and he was on his way out to her house to say his final goodbyes. Rest in peace, "Mom Shumaker."

I sucked it up, and crossed the street to set up for my Twitter class. It was a full room, with about 20 people present, and I thought it went fairly well, especially considering how much I hate to present. I got good feedback from a couple of folks afterwards.

Leaving the building after class right at 1:00, I hustled to another part of campus for a 1:00-2:00 meeting, for which I'd warned the attendees I'd be late. I got there at about 1:15, and contributed decently during the 45 remaining minutes.

I checked in with Robert at about 2:30 or so, and he was en route to Garner taking home one of his mom's caretakers who had been with her full time, staying at her house, this past week. She was with his mother when she passed.

I asked Robert if he'd had lunch, and if he wanted to meet me for a late lunch / early dinner on his way back from Garner to Chapel Hill. He said, "Sure," and my manager was gracious enough to let me head out early on the bus to meet him at my house.

I drove us downtown where we'd decided to finally try The Roast Grill, but it was about 4:10 when we got there and they'd closed at 4:00. I drove us over to Cameron Village, where we tried another place I've been wanting to try—The Flying Biscuit.

We split an order of "Pommes Frites" for an appetizer, and I had the:

Fried Egg Salad...
organic field greens, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette, topped with potatoes, crisp turkey bacon, two fried eggs and a drizzle of spicy chipotle aioli. Served with a fluffy, flyin' biscuit!

Robert had some combination of eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, but I don't see it out of these menu choices? Robert, do you see it?

Dancing was okay tonight. The bar was absolutely dead in terms of patrons other than the dancers. Lee was there, and Sean and Adrian stopped by a little later. Steve and Rob didn't show up tonight. In terms of dancers, we had, in addition to myself: Carl, Bill, Geromy, and Ernie.

Kurt wasn't bartending tonight; he was out sick. I left right at 11:00.
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