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That's a lotta rat, a Twitter presentation and an update on dad...

"I did it. I caught a rat the size of a cat!" Mr. Xian shouted. [Click the image to read the story.]

6 pound rat with a 12-inch tail and one-inch long teeth

I spent most of my day and night working on a presentation I'm giving tomorrow at work for a "Brown Bag Lunch & Learn" session. It's on Twitter, and I love the final slide that I created, which probably mostly will be appreciated by Twitter users:

Update from my sister on my dad:

Chris: [a colleague of hers, actually received on Wednesday morning, so yesterday refers to the day of this blog entry]

Yesterday was brutal -- just sitting around waiting for nothing! I was quite frustrated, nothing happens fast here. My dad is doing fine, but he needs to get up and walk before he can go home. But, yet they are very slow to do this!
Part of the problem is that his records from the military are a mess, so this hospital is doing their own tests -- which I am grateful for, that's how they saved his life, but it is hard to sit around and wait for results and to see a doctor for 15 minutes a day.
He has congestive heart failure and thry say he has had it for awhile, the base never told us that! This means that the in and out of the hospital will probably be a way of life for the rest of his life. It is a chess game they have to play with the medications -- he needs blood thinners for the heart problem, and a water pill for his kidneys, but those meds cause ulcers, which cause bleeding, which is dangerous because of the blood thinners for the heart!!!!
Okay, thanks for listening -- when we walked in this morning, he was sitting in a chair and sounds good, his voice is strong and he is happy to be out of bed after a week on his back. His mind is sharp and he is very alert. He still has a catheter, oxygen, and the main arterial line for blood to be drawn and meds to go in if needed. He is taking meds by mouth now, which is good. And, the only meds he's taking are the ones he's been on. Again, he just needs to get moving so he can go home, but we have to wait in them to do that.
I am trying to keep up with work here. The IHE report is the biggest piece. I have all the counts done (I brought it with me), but I have to check a few numbers with Sherry before I finalize it. It is do March 9 so I should be okay.
I am sure tings are piling up on my desk but I'll deal with that when I get there. I appreciate you looking out for everyone!
I'm on line for a little while, it is wireless in this room -- one saving grace. We are waiting for the doctor, between 8-10, (sounds like waiting for the damn cable people) and then we are driving to J'ville to get my dad's clothes, glasses, wash my clothes :-), etc. and then driving back for the late afternoon/evening.
Don't hesitate to call if you can't get me online before 10. Distratctions are welcome. Thanks again. Feel free to share the news about dad with whomever asks. You know how long it takes me to type -- LOL
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