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J. Beal's over the edge, cold coming on, canceled commitments, accounting for books, & groceries...

From the world of spam...

I'm afraid to even open, much less read, an email with the subject line of, "The rotating shaft & clit tickler always drive me wild."

But, alas, I did, only to find this "testimonial": The most mind-blowing orgasms I have ever had! It is sensational. The clit tickler is amazing—I was screaming, it felt so good, and the rotating beads just sent me over the edge." J. Beal

You go, J. Beal!

I was up early this morning, at 6:45, since I got to bed nice and early last night.

The Time Warner Cable guy arrived at 8:30, and after checking all of my connections inside, he moved outside behind my house. The connector at the house was fine, and then he checked the connector box out behind our row of townhouses from which several of our connections originate.

Evidently my line had been cut, and he laid down a temporary line to get me back up and running. However, after it was all said and done, my wireless router wouldn't work. "It needs to be reconfigured," he said. That's not good news, because a friend gave me that router with no documentation, so now I'll have to find some documenation on the Internet and try and futz with it. Not one of my favorite things to do.

Rhetorical question: Why aren't any of the servicemen that come out to my house hot like the ones in porno movies? But I digress...

I had a full schedule on tap today—three events, starting at 2:00PM and ending at 10:00PM, none of which ended up panning out.

I was supposed to go to the STC Games Day, which I was really looking forward to, from 2-6. And then to a party of one of our Salon members and a former fellow grad student, which sounded like it was going to be a hoot, from 6:30-8:30. And then line-dancing and two-stepping from 8:30-10.

I'm coming down with a cold, and then my sister called to let me know that my dad was back in ICU. "Internal bleeding" is what he went in for, and they thought it was a bleeding ulcer. She called back later to confirm it was that, but said that they couldn't stop the bleeding and they were considering air-lifting him from the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital to a hospital in Wilmington.

That definitely didn't help how I was feeling, and I shut everything off and got some more rest, sleeping from about 2:00-6:00.

At about 7:30, I just had to get out of the house. I hadn't had dinner, and I wanted to go somewhere that had wireless access, but not somewhere where I might run into people I know. I headed to the NCSU library, stopping at Snoopy's on the way for a couple of dogs with chili and slaw.

I sat in a "quiet room" of the library, where one person at one point, of course, took a cell phone call. People! I sat near the entranceway to the room, and after about an hour, an Indian guy who was sitting way across the room (it's a big room) stopped by me on his way out of the room, and said something to me three times before I could figure out what he was saying. I thought he was asking me to help with something, as he kept pointing way over to the other side of the room saying something about his laptop.

Eventually, I figured out he wanted me to watch his laptop—which I couldn't actually see, since it was so far away—while he stepped out for a minute. I decided not to punish him for taking that cell phone call in the quiet room—yes it was him—and said, "Oh, sure."

I thought the library was going to be open at least until midnight, but it closed at 10:00. I spent most of the time there adding all the books (that I can remember) that I've read to a Facebook application called WeRead. I ended up with 206 books on "my bookshelf," and I know there are many more I haven't accounted for (in Agatha Christie mysteries alone), but it's a nice list anyhow. I finished the list when I got home, adding several of the text books I read while getting my master's degree.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, where my most exciting find was:

Banana Nut Cheerios

which I'd never seen or even heard of before. Presumably, it's very new. And good. I dove right into some when I got home. :-)

I was in the bed by midnight, and I worked on a crossword puzzle for a little while before conking out.
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