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A work meeting, a pedantic egg order, and an aborted start of a joke...

We had a staff meeting from 10:00-11:30 today. It was for everyone who reports to my boss's boss, and the first 45 minutes or so of it featured a presentation from the director of one of the other units, the Advanced Computing unit in our overall Office of Information Technology organization.

I was the facilitator of the meeting, though Stan (my boss's boss) really drove the thing himself (which is fine by me), and I was also the minute taker. And, finally, I had an agenda item, OIT Website Migration Update, which was the last item on the agenda before the meeting was opened to the floor for anything else anyone wanted to report on.

I took the #6 Carter Finley Wolfline bus up Hillsborough Street in search of some lunch, getting off at the Meredith College. I walked between some buildings looking for a short cut to Neomonde, and I walked along some railroad tracks with my earbuds in and music playing on my iTouch thinking, "This ain't too smart. These are active train tracks." And then, looking at the two sets of tracks, I wondered, "Is it a good assumption that the train coming on the left tracks would be coming toward me and the train on the tracks to the right would be coming from behind me?"

That is, do trains follow the same rules as cars (in this country), and therefore would the same rule that applies to walking along streets apply here—walk facing the traffic? By the time I'd contemplated all that, I had reached the place to get off the tracks and cross the street to Neomonde.

The line was way too long in there, so I went over to the Waffle House, where I enjoyed breakfast for lunch. I ordered my eggs "over easy," and since I was sitting at the counter, I heard my waitress say to the cook, "Two eggs over medium."

"Was that my order?" I asked?

"Yes," she said.

"I wanted my eggs over easy."

"Do you want both the yolk runny and the white part runny?"

"No," I responded, thinking I have ordered over-easy eggs for at least 40 years and the whites have always been cooked.

"I didn't think so," she said. "Over easy means both the white part and the yolk is runny. I haven't met very many people that want that. Over medium's what you want."

"Oh, okay," I said, thinking, "If my yolks are overdone, I'm going to be a little bit annoyed."

When they arrived, I cut into them. The yolk was runny, and the white part was just a tad bit runny on both of them, too.

I had every intention of attending a lecture tonight, whose name sounded like the beginning of a joke: "A Priest, A Monk, and A Rabbi Panel Discussion," an Inter-faith Dialogue Event sponsored by the NCSU chapter of the Self-Knowledge Symposium.

However, an ill-fated nap started at 6:30 with a projected end time of 7:30, but when 7:30 came the snooze button took over. The rest, as they say, is history.
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