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Favorite tweet, a meeting, an interview, credit card replacement, and a workout...

My favorite tweet from today:


 dear god, make me a bird so i can shit on this bitch's head 

My work day started off with a staff meeting from 9:00–10:00. After a half-hour break, I conducted an interview of a colleague who recently put on an Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Fair, with the hopes of writing a story about it, and him, a little later this week.

I got a bunch of mail today, being that yesterday was a federal (and thus, mail) holiday, one item of which was a replacement for one of my credit cards. It surprised me, because neither of the two cards I carry expire anytime soon.

Further reading revealed that one of the companies providing "database services" related to my account had been "compromised," and as a precaution my card was being replaced.

I guess that's better than getting mail that says that I owe $6,000 on my card, because someone has gone on a shopping spree with it.

I have just four words for this obituary: Photoshop. Toothpick. Select. Delete.

I went to the gym from 8:30–9:30, where I did 200 ab crunches (10 sets of 20) and 40 minutes of cardio—on the elliptical machine, on the hill setting, and at level four.
Tags: anecdotes, exercise, obituaries, twitter, work

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