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Ellen calls Gladys, a hot bus ride, a team meeting, a Twestival donation, & an aunt's affirmation...

OMG. ROTFLMAO. This is hysterical. I just love Ellen.

It was hot as Hades on the bus this morning—so hot, in fact, that I had to get up and ask the bus driver to please turn down the heat.

I guess new bus riders just have to fumble around to discover things. Today, after riding the bus for almost five months, I noticed that there was no stop wire to pull, nor was there a stop tape between the windows. I thought, "I guess you just have to 'hollah' today."

Just before the first person used it, I noticed that there was a stop tape up on an overhang above the seats. I've never seen one there before, nor are there any markings on it anywhere indicating what it is. And it certainly can't be ADA-compliant.

My day started off with our weekly department meeting, a.k.a. a team meeting, a.k.a. as a staff meeting. There are only three of us—myself, my officemate, and my manager. It was a productive meeting, as staff meetings go.

I can't make the Raleigh Twestival, which is this Thursday at 7PM at Edge Office in downtown Raleigh. To that end, I mailed a $20 donation check to the local organizers: @theRab (the event) and @DiMambro (the venue). Good tweeple.

Twestival predicted to raise $1million in 1 month

LONDON February 10th – In just one month, from volunteer effort alone, global Twitter-based charity event Twestival has created events in 175+ cities, predicted to raise $1 million for the 1.1billion people in the world who can’t access clean drinking water. Growing beyond all expectations since launching in January 2009, Twestival takes place for 24 hours on February 12th, everywhere from Bethlehem to Birmingham, Beijing to Boston, as up to 20,000 come together inspired by community and charity.

Organised 100% by volunteers connected on micro-blogging site Twitter, the simultaneous events will raise money for charity: water, a non-profit organisation bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. By rallying together globally, under short timescales, for a single aim on the same day, the Twestival team hopes to bring awareness that one in six of us on the planet don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. 

Donate via: http://twestival.com/

I finally learned two things I've been meaning to learn for a long time that will save me time, both having to do with Verizon Wireless voicemail:

  1. When you call someone on Verizon, you can press "*" to skip their greeting and go right to the beep.

  2. When you're listening to your own voicemail messages, you can press "#" to skip to the next one.

I got the most heart-warming voicemail message from my aunt today. She received the rest of the photos—two 8x10s and five 16x20s—that I had enlarged for her. These are the photos that a work colleague of mine, who is a semi-professional photographer, touched up for me before I sent them to kodak.com to be printed and shipped to my aunt. She was so elated with them that she started crying thanking me at the end of her message. So touching.

I played the voicemail message to my work colleague to again thank him, and to let him enjoy some fruit of his labors. At the end he said, "Awwww. Thanks so much for sharing that with me."

101 Breathtaking Infrared Photos. Here's one, click on it to see the rest:

I had every intention of going to the gym tonight, but didn't.

I thought of going out to karaoke at Flex tonight, but didn't.

I thought of meeting some of the Twitter folks at Helios, and then going to Flex, but didn't do either.
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