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A cute koala, a famous twitterer, a waving signal, Abe, working affirmations, & free pool...

In the category of total cuteness, I got an e-mail from my friend Kevin (av8rdude) with this little note in it from his manager, who lives in Australia:

A little Koala which just walked on to our neighbours back veranda looking for a bit of heat relief.  Filled a bucket for it and this is what happened!  It's been 40C + by the way!!  Should cool down Wed next week.

Those last two just slay me! That goatee!

I'm considering this an affirmation, even if she is following a few thousand other people.

Hi, John (nematome).

Paula Poundstone (PaulaPoundstone) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Paula Poundstone's profile here:


This morning—for the second morning in a row— right before the bus came, a person on a bicycle rode by and put his left arm up to indicate a right-hand turn, and I had to resist an inane urge to put my arm up just like him and yell, "Hey!"

This was going around the Internet like wildfire yesterday, in case you didn't see it:

Professional affirmations today:

  1. A colleague asked me to edit an interview for him that he did with our CIO.

  2. I was invited to after-work drinks with "cool" work people, where I joined Jen in having a Very Dirty Vodka Martini, in addition to the four or five bourbons and Diets of course.

I met Joe at Flex at 9:00, where it was 120 Minutes night and free pool. We played three or four games before the "professionals" (at least in their own minds) arrived. Thankfully, two of them put their names on the sign-up board, so we surrendered the table to both of them once we finished the game we were in the middle of.

I hate it when there's only one name up there, and we have to say, "Oh. We're done." And try not to say, "We don't play other people," because it doesn't sound very nice, when all it really means is that we suck too much to play "their caliber" pool players, and we just don't happen to get an iota of our self-worth—much less all of it— from how we play pool.

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