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Bus musings, work musings, and the musings of a high little boy...

Today, at one of the bus stops on Gorman Road, I looked to the left and saw this little "cottage" with one window beside the door and a sign in it that made me laugh out loud:

At yet another stop on Gorman, the "cell phone lady," whom I introduced yesterday, you know, the one who talked about the guy who never cooks..." Today, she was not on the phone we she got on the bus, but as soon as she sat down—two seats behind me—out came the phone and it stuck there until I got off at my work stop.

"If you set the alarm at, like, 6:00, then you'd better, like, get up, like at 6:30, 6:45 the latest!" I repeat my sentiments from yesterday, "(LIKE) WHO CARES, LADY???"

In the back of the bus, we had another loud talker, who was at least talking to people on the bus instead of on the phone. But the fact that I could hear every word he said in the front of the bus tells you something. He was a very white guy, and he was speaking to a group of African-American people and he was speaking in an urban dialect. It was very interesting, from a linguistics point of view to listen to, which canceled out some of the annoyance at the volume.

And a final bus note: a student got on the bus, and then off to classes (I presume) in house slippers! They were these kind of slippers, only in bright, North Carolina State University red.

My work day started off with a team meeting from 9:00-10:00.

I'm going to offer a Twitter "Brown Bag Lunch and Learn" class on Wednesday, February 25th, and the class almost entirely filled up today when it was announced. Full=15 participants. We had to cancel this class in January, as only 2 people had signed up.

Someone on Twitter pointed to this very funny video about a kid still a little "high" after being at the dentist. I love the father's voice in it, too:

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