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NCSU GLBT Speakers Bureau Training, a lost teachable moment, and some free pool...

I was up at about 8:30, as we got a decent night's sleep.

I knew it was Superbowl Sunday, and both Robert and I knew that the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing in it. Neither of us, however, knew who the other team was that was in it. I googled it, and I said incredulously, "The Arizona Cardinals???"

"That's who they're playing???" Robert asked, equally incredulously.

"That sounds like a baseball team to me!" I said. Who knew?

I attended a two-hour Speakers Bureau Training Session today put on by the NC State University GLBT Center.

There were only seven of us in the room, including the trainer, who was a grad student, and another student, who was the only other guy, who works at the GLBT Center. The other five people were all female students. That is to say, everyone there was very young and were students. I was the only older person, and a faculty member.

When asked of the group, "Have any of you experienced any harassment or violence as gay students here at State," one of the girls related a story of having had plastic water bottles thrown at them, and "Dykes!" being yelled at them, while they walked holding hands in the apartment complex where they lived.

In pointing out some resources available to us to help in the speaking engagements, the trainer pointed out some of the questions on a "Heterosexual Questionnaire":

  1. When and how did you first decide you were a heterosexual?

  2. Is it possible your heterosexuality is just a phase you may grow out of?

  3. Could it be that your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?

  4. If you've never slept with a person of the same sex, how can you be sure you wouldn't prefer that?

  5. Why do heterosexuals feel compelled to seduce others into their lifestyle?

  6. Would you want your children to be heterosexual knowing the problems they'll face?

  7. A disproportionate majority of child molesters are heterosexual men. Do you consider it safe to expose children to heterosexual male teachers, pediatricians, priests, or scoutmasters?

  8. Why do heterosexuals place so much emphasis on sex?

  9. Considering the menace of overpopulation, how could the human race survive if everyone were heterosexual?

  10. Why are heterosexuals so promiscuous?

Obviously, these are a twist on the questions that homosexuals are asked over and over again.

I stopped by K-Mart to return the stove burner catcher plates that I bought yesterday, because they were the wrong kind, and outside the entrance were two little girls and an adult with them, selling Girl Scout cookies.

I bought three boxes and had to bite my tongue to keep from invoking a teachable moment, as the adult took the time to look at me and thank me for buying the cookies, while the two little girls had this exchange:

Girl 1 to Girl 2: "How many is THAT?"

Girl 2 writing in her pad, to Girl 1: "99!!!"

Evidently they didn't learn the lesson of Kenny Rogers' The Gambler:

Though, in their defense—I guess—they were counting the number of boxes sold, not the cash taken in.

I met Joe at 6:30 at Flex for some free pool, which we played while the Superbowl was on. We played four or five games. I was way ahead of him in each of the first two games and scratched on the eight-ball for the lose.

We did not make our intended departure time of about 9:00. I left there shortly after 11:00.
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