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My workday started off with a 9:00-10:30 Web team meeting, which miraculously ended 45 minutes early.

I had to present for the first five minutes or so, which I hate to do and am always tense about, but it went alright.

I was going to eat leftover pizza for lunch today, but opted instead to take the bus up to Arby's and use a coupon. I walked a good way back toward my building and then caught a Wolfline bus the rest of the way.

Tonight was the Triangle Tweetup at Edge Office (@edgeoffice), and it was a ton of fun. The rate of growth of these face-to-face meetings of people using Twitter is incredible. The last one I went to had, maybe, 25-35 people. This one had over 100 people.

It was nice to catch up with several Tweeters, whom I hadn't seen in a while: @kitch, @abbyladybug, @ginnyskal, @DiMambro, @dtraleigh, @glowbird, @waynesutton, @justis, @dgtlpapercuts, @jennychinchin, @BryanR, @mattrmiller, @theRab, and @mgkimsal.

And it was nice to meet some others who I've been following or who some of the above either follow or are involved with: @hughlh, @mammalpants, @billkcummings, @wiggitywack, @metricula, @snoopdave, @joesumney, @PrachiG, and @singlesuzanne.

Though I've read @mammalpants twitter name a bunch of times in @ginnyskal's tweets, I've always seen it, and pronounced it in my head as @mammalplants.

It's always a surprise, delight, and a definite affirmation to find out someone has been reading my blog, who I didn't know was. When I met @hughlh and said to him, "I'm John, @nematome," he said, "Ah, Dailyafirmation," referring to my blog name. And then he said something to the effect of, "I read your blog. I loved your China entries and visited China vicariously through it."

I didn't really pay attention to any of the presentations at the Tweetup; sorry; I hung around the food and drink table and chatted with a couple of other people also not listening to the presentations.

Afterwards, a group of us went over to Tobacco Road Sports Cafe, which I'd never been to before, and we continued drinking, while a few folks got food as well. My end of the table included: @abbyladybug, @kitch, @dtraleigh, @PrachiG, @DiMambro, @joesumney, @wiggitywack, and @snoopdave.

We had great conversation, which definitely digressed at times. Some topics and sound bites included:

  1. Typhoon 2

  2. Task masters and project managers vs. drinkers and doers (in regards to Typhoon 3, yet to be announced)

  3. Bitter twitters (ex-es from twitter who now ignore you)

  4. Threesomes—MFM and FMF

  5. "I have a hairy ass" (Disclaimer: This was not said by yours truly.)

  6. twitter nom de plume personae

  7. How @snoopdave got his twitter name

  8. What nematome means (a sniglet between nematode (worm) and tome (book), suggesting bookworm)

  9. Master's degrees from NC State

  10. What people do for a living

  11. How to tell if something on a digital TV is in high definition or not

  12. Smartphone comparisons

  13. Hot female bartenders at Landmark

  14. Revealing Facebook pictures

  15. Camera lenses

Our end of the table was pretty much the last to break up, at a little after midnight.

I stopped by Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night, which wasn't overly crowded. Mary K Mart was hosting, and I stayed only for about 20 minutes after it started.


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Feb. 1st, 2009 08:36 pm (UTC)
Good times! Love the subject listing. Also, I was saying it mammalplants for a while also, no clue why.
Feb. 1st, 2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
Funny how the mind (warped, or otherwise) works. :-) So good to see you again, Jake. Congrats on yours and Abby's 6 months! 3 more months and you can have a baby together! Hehehehe.
Feb. 1st, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
OK, Stop Right There!
You trying to give my man a small heart attack?!! Now just stop that!
Feb. 1st, 2009 10:33 pm (UTC)
Re: OK, Stop Right There!
LOL. You straight people are so funny. Just mention the word baby and you get all jittery. :-)
Feb. 2nd, 2009 06:54 pm (UTC)
Re: OK, Stop Right There!
Yep! Even me, someone who thinks that in theory she wants a baby before she dies, is a little freaked out by timelines. And hell, I'm 39! I'm supposed to be all restless about it.
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