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A rainy wait, a team meeting, some professional affirmations, poignant radio, pills, and dancing...

Today was one of the very few days since I started riding the bus to work on September 15, 2008, that I had to wait for it in the rain.

I started my work day with a (choose your term) staff | department | team meeting. They tend to be called staff meetings here, though I prefer team meeting myself. We met in one of the new conference rooms in the basement, which was cold as frak.

In the category of professional affirmations, I've been confirmed in presenting in two sessions at the 56th Annual Society for Technical Communication Conference in Atlanta, Georgia from Sunday, May 3, 2009 through Wednesday, May 6, 2009. Here are the descriptions of the two sessions:

During lunch today and on my bus rides, I listened to this poignant episode of The Story: Lessons from a Dropout.

Twenty-year-old Gerrin Hayes just dropped out of high school. He says growing up in a crack house made it impossible to focus on studying. But Gerrin still has hope. He has a mentor, Craig Zeno, who once was a dropout himself, and he makes a strong case for the value of school. Craig is a "Dropout Prevention Specialist," a job he knows he was always meant to have.

Turn off the TV and have a listen to some good radio.

I ran to K-Mart to pick up my (overdue) Nexium prescription. It's been a hassle getting a "pre-authorization" for my prescription, which needed to be done due to my switch in medical coverage due to my job change from IBM to the State of North Carolina.

As the pharmacist took my credit card to charge my co-pay of $150 (for a 102-day supply), she asked me if I was in some Nexium Loyalty Club or other, which I'd never heard of. Evidently, I can save up to $90 of the $150 on my next two orders. Sign me up!

I have mixed emotions, in terms of where we are in regards to healthcare in this country, when there are the equivalents to frequent flyer clubs for drugs. But I digress...

While there at the mart, I picked up:

  1. some generic drain opener gel, instead of the Drano that I usually choose

  2. some toothpaste that Joe is using that is working so well that I asked him if he'd been bleaching his teeth ← That's a lot of thats in that phrase, and this phrase has three more. Oy.

  3. some antiperspirant—but not the kind I usually get, which is Sure—but Suave, which was on sale

  4. 100-count of ibuprofen, but Advil brand this time

  5. one bottle of Suave spray gel hair product, because sometimes it's hard to find, and they had some in stock

  6. three boxes of generic tissues; I need a box for my desk at work

  7. four grease pans for my electric stove burners, one 8-inch and three 6-inch pans

Dancing was good exercise tonight. We had six dancers present, but the bar was pretty dead all night long.
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