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An hour (actually, less) with Bill Clinton, lunch@Neomonde, some exercise, and some music...

Joe arrived at 9:00, and we took the Wolfline 9 Greek Village bus to campus, where we attended North Carolina State University’s Millennium Seminar Series, which is designed to engage, encourage and inspire NC State students throughout the academic year. It includes a diverse list of speakers—experts—who will discuss some of the key issues facing our world today.

Today's speaker was ex-President Bill Clinton. WRAL-TV broadcasted the event live, and Joe showed up in the first 13 seconds of the broadcast. I paused the video at 13 seconds and captured this image:

We caught the bus back to my place, and then we had lunch at Neomonde. I had one of their chicken pita wraps this time, and it was most delicious.

Afterwards, Joe dropped me off at work.

I didn't get to the gym until about 9:15, when I thought I'd surely miss the after-work crowd. I actually had a hard time finding a parking place, and the place was virtually full.

I did 200 ab crunches, several lower back and lower abdomen exercises from my physical therapy regimen, and then 40 minutes on the elliptical machine, burning off 722 calories.

At home, I went a little wild buying some music from iTunes:

Bettye Lavette Selected HitsBettye Lavette
Mariah Carey's Greatest HitsMariah Carey
RehabAmy Winehouse
Please Don't Stop the MusicRihanna
WhyAnnie Lennox
Bleeding LoveLeona Lewis
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)Beyoncé
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