DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Dream Boys...

I dropped my car off at Tire King this morning to get new tires, and an alignment. Me, and another IBMer, took the van from their to work. The main who was driving was such a nice guy. I asked him how business was at that place, and he said, "brisk. I've been working there about 3 years now, and there was a bad spell last year, when they needed to let some folks go. I told them to go ahead and let me go, since I'm retired and just doing this for extra money, and keep the men there who had families to support. Then you can hire me back when things pick up." What a generous man. Before I exited the van, I said, "Thank you for your work."

We had our weekly ITIM status meeting (with Kim and Jim) in the early afternoon, and I had an HP-UX meeting with Kim late afternoon.

I picked Jay up at 5:40, and we headed out to Breadmen's in Chapel Hill to meet Will, and potentially Russell and "his ride" for dinner. It turned out to only be Will, and we had a fun dinner there. Lots of laughs. We left Will's car there, and I drove to the theater.

We saw the adaptation of Jim Grimsley's novel, Dream Boy, which was interesting. It wasn't the best acting or casting, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I would love to see it again, with professional actors, and more buff ones. :-)

We got back to Will's car just in time as they turned off the lights in the parking lot just as he got in his car. Whew. I forgot to pay Will back the $5 I borrowed to purchase my ticket.

I drove Jay back to IBM, and then I went out to Trailer Park Trash. Who should I run into there, but the sexy, young kid whom I saw at the clinic yesterday. I said to him as he walked by, "You were so cute with that little girl yesterday." He looked puzzled, and then I said, "At the clinic." His eyes lit up as he recognized the situation and who I was. "I knew you were family," he said. And then, quickly, "Not because you were flaming or anything." He thought that other guy in the waiting room was family, and hot, as well. Men are pigs.

The Trailer Park Trash drag show, as usual, did not impress me. It wasn't Mary K. Mart tonight, but a gal named "Trixie," who I think goes by "Valerie Rockwell" over at CCs and/or Legends.

I spoke a little with Michael Lester, who made me feel all of his muscles that he is so impressed with, and attained by working with a personal trainer. I left there at about 1:50. Too late for a school night.

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