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Go or no?, icicles**2, your pimp name, chow mien, and dancing...

I was pointed to an article about changing careers by someone's tweet today, and this was an interesting point made by a reader commenting on the advice of the career advisor who wrote the article:

When colleagues get restless and ask me the if they should stay or go, I always ask the question, "Are you learning something or contributing measurably to the organization on a daily basis?"

If you are learning something you are investing in your future. If you are contributing, then you are building your resume.

If the answer is no, then you are just wasting time and it is time to go.

With best regards,

I went back to work today, walking carefully to the bus—over the lingering snow and ice patches. On the way, riding down Hillsborough Street, there was a building, a retail business, that had these kinds of lights hanging along its roof line:

Generally, that's unremarkable, but what made it notable today was that there were icicles hanging from them, and I thought, "How redundant."

According to the Pimp Name Generator, my "pimpafied" name is: Mr. White Chocolate J. Loco.

My friend Joe's pimpafied name is: Fine Ass J. Dogg.

Robert's is: Fine Ass R. Shmoove. Shosheshez.

Go ahead and do yours. You know you want to.

I made some most delicious beef (ground turkey, actually) chow mien tonight. I added up that sliced celery and that diced onion I prepared a couple of days ago, and poured it all over crunchy chow mien noodles. Delicious.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. Carl actually taught a lesson, which he hasn't done in a long while. Actually, this girl and her (guy) friend said they wanted to take a lesson, but when Carl started it, they were nowhere to be found.

However, Steve H. was there, and he and one other came out on the dance floor to learn The Canadian Stomp. The other guy bowed out at about three-fourths of the way into it.

The "cast" tonight included: Carl, Bill, Geromy, Steven, Ernie and myself.

I got to thinking about Alan tonight, who hasn't been out in forever, and I asked Adam to play Bill Currington's I Got a Feelin', which Alan loves and always sang his heart out to when it came on when he used to come dancing.  Awwwww.
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