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Lunch w/Jason, my STC China presentation, and Hungry Ghost...

I had the most delightful lunch with Jason, a professor of mine from grad school who's just a quality human being. It was good to catch up. I'd asked him to bring a picture of his two-year old, which he remembered to do—two of them in fact—and she is just adorable.

Among a number of other things, we talked a little bit about his current research, which is still in the reuse area, and I pointed him to two recent videos I'd seen that he'd probably find interesting: the Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo on TED and TinEye on the Web.

I did my China presentation tonight, and at first I thought there was only going to be five people there, but there ended up being a lot more— perhaps 15 or so.

I never know if I go over the top sometimes, but I felt pretty good delivering the thing, people seemed interested, laughed at times, and asked some questions, so I'm thinking it was a success in terms of an STC program at least.

Some affirming comments afterwards:

  1. From Andrew, with whom I went to grad school and with whom I was co-president of the student chapter of STC, "Your presentations are always so honest. That's what I like about them."

  2. And from Monique, whom I just met this evening, "You're very personable."

  3. Both Sandy (another grad school friend) and Sarah (our STC student chapter advisor, and friend) said that it was good, as well.

From there, I rushed to Durham to Manbites Dog to see the 8:15 Hungry Ghost performance put on by Paperhand Puppet Intervention.

I'm just going to say this about the show: I don't do well with a lot of abstraction, and I'm way too impatient a person to appreciate a glacial pace in just about anything.

I considered going to Trailer Park Prize Night, but once I got home that crazy idea went out the window. Thank goodness.
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