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An über-productive work day, a delightful lunch, working on my China presentation...

I had an über-productive day at work today, which included:

  1. Completing three news blurbs for this month's OIT News.
  2. Posting the FOSS Fair blurb to the NCSU Web Developers Ning group.
  3. Completing an article on new antivirus protection required of everyone connecting to the university computers for the Bulletin.
  4. Updating a services brochure for our organization to be distributed at the LITRE Expo tomorrow through Thursday, and some nice social time with my manager while (tri-)folding them.
  5. Contacting Traci for graphical help on a poster for the FOSS Fair.
  6. Opening a problem report about not getting mail from a listerv to which I'm definitely subscribed.
  7. Getting clarification from a support person about the use of VPN here.
  8. Tweeting upcoming OIT classes and events.
  9. Getting access from Nick, via Google Docs, to OIT Drupal Roles and Content Types.

I finally broke down and took the #2 Reverse North Campus bus to the West Dunn building and got a new employee badge and a new campus card. They only charged me $15, instead of the $25 I was expecting, so I was happy about that.

I met a new acquaintance, Jenny Chin, for lunch at the Jasmin Mediterranean Bistro on Hillsborough Street to talk about the MS in Technical Communication degree program. She's the one who contacted me on Friday, finding me through LinkedIn.

She was a high-energy, interesting person, so that made the lunch both enjoyable and go by quickly. We said our goodbyes as I headed one way (to my work building) on Hillsborough Street and she headed the other (to her car).

Not long after getting back to the office, I got this e-mail from her:


Thanks again for meeting up with me today—it was helpful to hear more about the Technical Communications program and community. I needed to talk to someone one-on-one to confirm my own feeling that this would be a great fit for me!

On a side note, after we went our separate ways... I returned to the general area where I parked, keys in hand, to find that my beloved car had been TOWED. BOO! Public transportation options are really looking quite appealing at this point :) My $5 salad will end up being $100+ when bail money is included. I guess those giant warning signs were a communication failure! Ha.

Thanks though, really. You rock! :)


I stayed in my office late and worked on my presentation about my trip to China, which I'm presenting at the STC-Carolina monthly meeting this Thursday. Might be a good idea if it was done.

I must have been "in the zone" working on this, because all of a sudden I looked at the time and thought, "Oh shit. 10:00. The last bus is at 10:13!" I high-tailed it out of there.
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