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All about me, me, me awards, a short night out, and a late dinner...

I have never been one to hang plaques on my wall. I'm not sure why, but I have decided to go ahead and do it here in my office at State. I guess I was motivated by finally getting my diploma framed. It was interesting choosing the four awards that mean the most to me.

They don't look all that straight (Hmmmm!) on the wall, and it was a bitch getting a shot that (1) earlier in the day didn't have weird lighting due to this wall being right beside a window whose blinds are missing the open/close wand, and (2) later in the day without the flash reflecting in the glass of the frames.

Here are the awards from top-to-bottom and left-to-right:

My Master of Science in Technical Communication Diploma

Certificate in Communications (100 Hours)

IBM Author Award

Society for Technical Communication Distinguished Service Award for Students

I had lunch at Amore's Pizza today, their Pepperoni Stromboli, which always takes too long to cook, but is most delicious once it is. Today was no exception on either account.

Someone connected to me on LinkedIn today, and asked me if I'd have lunch with them next week. She works in HR at State, and she is considering the Master's program in Technical Communication, and she'd like to pick my brain about it.

I met Joe at Flex at about 10:15. We were both pulling up at the same time. It was kind of dead in there, and we wanted to play some free pool, but there was a small group of guys just hanging out up there that we would had to have said to on every other shot, "Excuse me," "Excuse me." Not worth it.

After a little while, Joshua (from Whole Foods), came in, and said that he was hungry and asked if we'd be interested in grabbing a bite with him. Since there wasn't anything else to do, and I hadn't had dinner, I drove the three of us over to The Borough, where I had their Valhalla, which was most delicious:

Valhalla 2.0 . . . . . . . . . . 9.50
4 oz. filet mignon topped with a homemade creamy crab sauce, served on a grilled baguette
with a side of fresh steamed green beans

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