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Just a blah day...

Today's synopsis in an unordered list:

  • I devised my blog entry about the dumpster suicide, which was "threaded" at 30THREADS by my friend Ginny.

  • I had a Chicken Curry dish at lunch that was so spicy that I had to blow my nose when I was done. Good stuff.

  • I had all kinds of good intentions, skipping dancing tonight.

  • However, I didn't work on my China presentation, as I had hoped.

  • However, I didn't do any grant work for Manbites Dog, as I had hoped.

  • I synced my Palm Pilot in such a way today that I lost all of the holiday card exchange tracking information that I've been updating since my first holiday card arrived early in December. After several of these, I decided to just "let it all go," and give everyone a metaphorical "free spin" this year. It's way too much work to go back and recreate everything, which I could from the pile of cards. Not doing it.

  • I got to bed early.
Tags: affirmations, anecdotes, manbites

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