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A missed connection at the gym, saving the planet, a little shopping, and some karaoke...

Kevin (av8rdude) and I had a disconnect at the gym this morning. We were supposed to meet there at 10:00. I got there at 9:50, and left him a voicemail message saying I was already there and would be doing just lower back and lower abdomen stretching exercises in the front on the floor mats.

At 10:50, I'd done as much as my back would let me without screaming, and on the way home, left him another voicemail message saying that I hoped everything was okay, and that it was just a work something that had come up. A few minutes later he called me to tell me that he was in the back of the gym on the machines, that he didn't see me when he came in and thought I'd just stepped over to the Harris Teeter next door or something.

He usually works the free weights that are in sight of where I was stretching, so I didn't bother to walk around to the side and back to see if he was on the machines.

Good grief. Bless our mess.

I joined yellowpagesgoesgreen.org today after doing a snopes.com search on it and a Google search on it to make sure it wasn't a hoax of some sort. I'd do just about anything to stop the, at least three if not four, stacks of wasted phone books that get left on my doorstep every year. I never look at any of them. They go from the doorstep in front to the recycle bin out back. Ridiculous waste of environment.

Go to yellowpagesgoesgreen.org and under Join Us, click on Opt Out. ← Or just go directly to Opt Out! :-)

With that said, a Twitter friend of mine, @abbyladybug, said that she opted out a while ago, but still got a phone book afterwards.

I ran by Best Buy to see if their monitors have gone on "after-Christmas sale," to no avail.

I ran into Kohl's where I bought a new pair of sneakers. I was delighted to be able to get 9s instead of 10s, since they had an extra-wide in a 9.

I caught up my blog entries for the last couple of days, while lying on my couch with a heating pad on my back. When I got up after an hour or so, I had noticeable relief from my back pain.

I know exercising helps my back, but I find it hard to believe it has made that much difference since this morning. At any rate, I'll take the relief any way I can get it.

I met Joe at Flex at 9:30 for karaoke, and Kevin joined us later. Joe and I played three or four games of pool before Kevin got there.

We weren't out too late, as Joe has to work tomorrow.
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