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A good week for..., gifts for the Shumakers, and tying one on with Kurt and Kevin...

I liked all three of the "good" items from this week's Good week for... / Bad week for feature, so I'm just including those:

Good week for...
Chutzpah, after Blake Fielder-Civil reportedly demanded a $1.5 million divorce settlement from British singer Amy Winehouse, threatening to write a tell-all book about their relationship if she refused. Last week, Fielder-Civil admitted that he introduced Winehouse to heroin and crack.
Female football fans, after Fox Sports went live to the Minnesota Vikings' locker room and treated viewers to a full-frontal shot of naked tight end Visanthe Shiancoe. Shiancoe said teammates are now calling him the "Equipment Manager."
Staying busy in retirement, after Rajo Devi of India became a mother for the first time at age 70. Her doctor says she is the oldest person yet to give birth after in vitro fertilization.

—From The Week Magazine 12/19/08—

Robert was an absolute dear today before leaving for Durberville. He ran to Bruegger's and picked up a pumpernickel bagel for me, and he helped me put my Christmas trunk back in the closet after I loaded everything back into it. Thank you, my sweet.

I wrapped up a couple of little things for Robert's brother (a couple small bags of gourmet popcorn), and his sister and her husband (Trader Joe French Truffles) and sent that back with him along with his mother's soaps from Ten Thousand Villages.

I straightened up a little bit in anticipation of Kevin's (av8rdude) 5:00 arrival, and at 3:00 he rang my doorbell.

"I left you a voicemail message, girl," he said when I opened my door still in my robe and unshowered with a look of surprise on my face.

A quick check confirmed said claim, as well as noticing that I had my phone on vibrate, which is precisely why I didn't hear the call or get the message.

Kevin, Kurt, and I went to Flex, where it was a festive karaoke night, and then went on to see the show at Legends. We consumed a totally ridiculous amount of alcohol, for which we'll undoubtedly pay tomorrow.
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