DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A Third Place kind of day...

We started the morning with an MMMMMMMMM, and ate breakfast in at around 9:30. I did some TCW work on the computer, preparing the lists to take to my 4:30 meeting today. I also sent e-mail to Jerry O. asking about two of Jeane's Fidelity transactions that I need to complete her taxes.

No organized training ride. Training captain is out of town this weekend.

We left for Chapel Hill just after 1:00. At Robert's I worked on his computer for a while, trying to install TypingTutor12. I ran into the exact same problems as he had trying to installing it on Windows 98. I ended up taking screen captures of what was happening, and prepared a note for him to send to TT12 support about it.

I arrived at Third Place at 3:30, and Gregor arrived shortly thereafter. We discussed the options for a Labor Day weekend getaway. He got a free long weekend at one of many resorts for refinancing with Wells-Fargo, and has invited me to tag along with him! We decided on Montreal.

We caught up, which consisted, among other things, of learning that he has been cast in two more plays! I look forward to seeing them. They will be at Thompson theater at NC State, and in the April and May timeframe. He has a minor role in one play, and one of the lead roles in the other. Cool!

Jan arrived at about 4:10 for our 4:30 meeting with Chris. The three of us (me, Jan, and Gregor) chatted until Chris arrived at 4:30.

Me, Jan, and Chris took a booth in the back, and organized the TCW lists. Chris is going to create a master record in an Access database. We're going to send him CSV files exported from databases the information is currently in.

I left for Sharon's March Madness party at about 6:45. I took a wrong turn back on 70, putting me there at 7:15 instead of closer to 7. I was trying to get there early because I was going to be leaving early. I was still the first guest.

Sharon's mom and dad were "surprise guests" at the party, so it was cool to meet them. As usual, the guest I always have the most fun with at that party is Annette. She told us about her work with the newhire group, which was interesting. I asked her, "What do you call a girl who stands in the middle of a tennis court?"

I also met a friend of Sharon's there named Carol, who I really took a liking to. We talked a bit about the Tour de Friends. She had participated in an MS ride in 2002. She was real nice.

The bookclub ended up in the kitchen again. Some folks made jokes about that being "our place" as they remembered from previous years. Janet actually arrived within 35 minutes of the start of the party. She announced that she will be going to St. Croix with Diane in May. I guess that means she's not going to participate in Tour de Friends.

Mike brought the most delicious homemade cheesecake. Yum!

I left the party at about 9:20. I stopped by my place to pick up Robert, who had arrived there at about 8:00. We arrived at Oasis at right about 10:00. It was way too hot in there tonight in the back dance room. All of the other rooms were much cooler. That was a little annoying. It wasn't very crowded, which i guess would be why they're closing the place down.

Vann mentioned that there have been two other offers "to have our group" on Saturday nights: Retail and Flex. Both places would like us to quit at about 11:00, which would be fine with me. My vote if for Flex, as I already have a membership there, and we know what to expect. I don't know if Retail has a fan available, or good air-conditioning that they'd turn on for us. They also want us to buy a membership, though the would give us a $10 break if we already have an Oasis membership, which I do. That's still $30 bucks for a membership, though. It's not that I can't afford it, it's the principle of the thing. All the other clubs are $10 or $15, and they charge $40. That place is not all that.

We left Oasis right about at midnight.

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