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I had lunch with Richard Z. today. We stopped by the post office so I could mail my training journal and pictures to mom and dad. I needed to check the weight. Exactly 2 ounces, which calls for $.60 postage, BTW. I had two 37s on it.

We went to Pipers in the Park to have lunch. We ran into Wayne and Jan there, and Wayne walked across the room, and planted a big old smooch on the lips on me, right in the middle of the place. I sensed Richard shriveling up behind me.

I had a pimento cheese sandwich and chips. Richard had a chicken quesadilla. We got caught up, and he gave me a $25 cash donation for Tour de Friends.

When I got back from lunch, I had the most surprising e-mail in my in-box from Mathis. It was from a guy in Austin saying that Marilyn had noted in ISO training last week that I was an "excellent" candidate to be the third Raleigh ISO internal auditor. That just blew my mind, as I thought I was a little "contentious" in the classes during the week.

With my one-on-one with Mathis, we talked about that assignment, and my visibility and contribution this year. He said it has already improved, which was good to hear.

I left work at 5:30, picked Robert up at his place, and we rode to Elmo's for dinner. I had the Turkey Burger and he had the Ruben. From there, we went to Francesca's and used the gift certificate Jeff O. gave me when he was here. Two pieces of cake, and two cups of coffee came to $9.90. Perfect.

We arrived at Manbites Dog at about 7:50, and purchased our tickets. The doors to the theater opened just after 8, and we took seats in the first row, as those chairs had armrests on them. Right before it started, Bob S. and Steve and two of their friends came in, and sat in the back row on our side.

I really enjoyed the play, about a boy and his dad and the wonderful relationship they had through his dad's life. There were lots of songs, and a little nudity, which we could probably have done without. I bought a CD on the way out, mostly in support of the actor and Manbites. It was $15 and I gave them a $20.

I drove us back to Raleigh, where Robert spent the night.

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