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Earning some comp time and some Thanksgiving leftovers...

I spent most of the day today at Helios, where I haven't been in a long while, and where my customer service experience didn't start off well. For the first hour or so, I sat out on the patio, and then later moved inside when it got a little too cool to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt.

I worked on a presentation about my trip to China that I'm going to give both at work and then again in January at the STC-Carolina meeting. After about three-hours of work, I was pleased with it, but it wasn't as near as far a long as I'd hoped it'd be.

Joe came by at about 5:00, and after about forty-five minutes, we left for my house to have some Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

After opening all of the leftover containers of plastic and tinfoil, I was appalled to find out that I had garnered no leftover dressing, which was the best part of the dinner, and a Portuguese dish, that I wanted Joe to try. Oh well.

We managed with ham and cheese sandwiches, some chourico, some sweet Gherkin pickles, and some baby carrots dipped in salad dressing. It was all good.

I got to Flex at a little after 10:00, where it was pretty dead. It picked up a little bit after about an hour, but it never got what I would consider crowded.

I left right around midnight.
Tags: bar talk, coffee shops, customer service, people-to-people, stc, work

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