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Thanksgiving 2008...

Robert and I got up at 8:00 and mom was already up. We had a light breakfast of cinnamon toast and coffee.

Vivian and Jeff arrived at about 10:15, with our entire Thanksgiving meal in tow. They are exerts at transporting food, with years of practice of serious tailgating.

We usually meet at their house for Thanksgiving, but they brought it to Jacksonville this year, since dad's still in the hospital. She always has a "theme" for her holiday tables, and this Thanksgiving's was "Leaves."

Here's a nice picture highlighting the combination of the theme and the portability of this year's meal. (Vivian always uses her China at her house.)

Yes, those are charger plates supporting the paper plates. :-)

And here's a shot of the full table, including the hostess-with-the-mostess. Notice the sliced ham and turkey.

Here's the knife I used to slice up the meat.

Other antics in the kitchen.

And one more, in the living room with Jeff in it.

At about 2:00, we fixed up a plate with a little bit of almost everything, and took it to dad at the Naval Hospital. I stopped by our old house at 5035 Alabama Avenue to show it to Robert, as it was pretty much right on the way.

Dad looked so much better than when I saw him last and was pretty much back to his old self. It was obvious by the way he chowed down on his meal that (1) he was back to normal, and (2) it tasted much better than hospital food. :-)

We left the hospital at around 4:00, picked up our various to-go containers and bags at mom and dad's and we headed out.

When we were on Richlands Highway and passed this used car lot where we always beep our horns, I called my sister (behind us), and she answered the phone by saying, "That was Phillip's truck."

Many years ago—like thirty—she was dating a guy named Phillip, and he traded in his pickup truck to that place, and ever since whenever either of us goes by it, we blow our horn to say "hey" to that truck, which of course is long gone now.

After a couple hour nap, I met Joe at Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night, and where I gave an invitation to Act A Lady to Mary K. Mart.

Act A Lady is Manbites Dog Theater's current show (beginning next week), and it's going to be great. I urge you to check it out. It would make a nice holiday gift—take someone to some great live theater. I have never been disappointed with a show at Manbites. You can purchase tickets online.

In addition to elastic waistbands, I'm grateful this Thanksgiving for having my parents here to celebrate another one and Robert with me to share the holiday twice—once in Chapel Hill and again in Jacksonville.
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