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Race relations, lunch with Susan, good news about dad, brinner, and some laundry...

Due to disconcerting news items such as these, in which, sadly, the "free expression tunnel incident" in my very own university is referenced:

Obama election spurs race crimes around country

After Obama's win, white backlash festers in US

N.C. State is sponsoring this, which I plan to attend:

If anyone reading this wants to attend with me, just let me know, either by posting a comment or by email at nematome@hotmail.com.

I had lunch with a grad school professor of mine, Susan Katz, at Two Guys on Hillsborough Street. I feel quite certain that she didn't initiate lunch just to get in my blog, though she is a reader of it. (Hi, Susan!)

It was nice to get caught up on her conference presentations comings and goings, and how life after "the" ENG 515 class (Fall '07) is going for each of us. She walked back with me to my building and told me two very funny stories about her precocious grandson.

My manager, Jude, and I attended a meeting in an off-campus building in a conference room called, "The TCC Art on Paper Studio." Sounds cool, but the reality of it all was that it was just another conference room.

It was a good meeting though, in that we left an hour and forty-five minutes later with a lot of "Drupal content type" decisions made, which was the reason for our visit.

Jude dropped me off at the corner of Kent and Kaplan.

Once home, I returned my sister's phone call to get an update on dad. He had a great night Sunday night, and he was feeling much better today. Mom was actually able to leave him at a decent hour, and they both got a decent night's sleep, albeit I'm sure mom's was more decent this his.

I had brinner tonight—the leftover half of mom's omelet and corned beef hash from IHOP yesterday. Mmm. Mmm. Good!

I got two loads of laundry done tonight.
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