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Back to Raleigh, Thanksgiving w/the Shumakers, pool and karaoke....

I was up at 8:00, and I found my mom in the bathroom doing her hair. She'd just gotten home at about 7:30. The good news was that my dad had had a real good night. He woke up just a couple of times during the night, and actually was conscious of her presence, asking, "Are you still here?"

That corpsman had indeed given her a blanket out of the oven, and a little while later when her feet were cold, she brought another blanket out of the oven for her.

Mom and I had breakfast at IHOP again, as the only real choices in Jacksonville are The Waffle House and the IHOP, and The Waffle House is a little run down.

I had an omelet today, along with some wheat toast, and it was all good. (I had pancakes yesterday.)

I forget to mention that I filled up my tank on the way home from the hospital last night, at $1.87 a gallon. Woohoo.

So, after dropping mom off back at home, I headed on back for an uneventful ride to Raleigh. I was able to leave a little bit earlier than I thought I would, the found time very appreciated.

I stopped at the Farmers Market to look for a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving dinner table, but didn't find one. Fortunately, the exit was on my way home, so it wasn't an out of the way trip for nothing. It was an on the way trip for nothing. But I digress...

I had enough time at home to shower and shave, and then I headed over to Cameron Village, where I thought I could find a nice centerpiece either at the Harris Teeter there, which has a great florist in it, or if that didn't work out, over at The Fresh Market.

Front and center in the display case in the Harris Teeter florist was the most striking centerpiece without question, and I nabbed it and ran.

At Robert's mom's, we had Thanksgiving dinner with his mom, his brother Mark, his sister Fran and her husband Doc, his nephew and his girlfriend, Bryan and Amanda, and his friend Lynne.

All of the food was delicious, and I really enjoyed the two or so hours we were there.

I met Joe at Flex at about 7:30, and we played a few games of free pool, before riding over to the Chargrill for a little dinner at about 8:30.

When we returned, karaoke was getting started, and we hung out until about 11 or 11:30, as we are both working tomorrow.
Tags: bar talk, family, health, travel

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