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UNC CAUSE 2008—Day 3

Breakfast this morning was sponsored and provided by Carahsoft Technologies. My sessions this morning included:




9:00-9:45Partnering with Students for a SLICE of LifeUNC-Chapel Hill
10:15-11:00IP TelevisionNCSU

During the IP Television session, these tweets ensued:

nematome: Okay, someone is actually snoring in this session. Very awkward. #unccause08 1 day ago · Reply · View Tweet

shrop: @nematome I am hearing the snoring too. I am afraid to turn around and look.. It is loud! #unccause08 1 day ago · Reply · View Tweet · Thread Show Conversation

While checking my email and twitter during the final session time, I was inspired to host a Tweet-Up, and sent out this tweet:

#unccause08 tweeple meet-up? If you're interested and here for the Google lunch, meet all the way to the right of the room when you go in.

We had three or four tweeple in addition to our group of five or six NCSU tweeple join us. We had some very interesting conversation about the perception of Twitter in the workplace at both NCSU and UNC-G.

Lunch was sponsored by Google, and Jeff Keltner, a young whipper-snapper from Google gave a very, very interesting speech about "digital natives," and the challenge of meeting their needs in the future.

On my drive home from Greensboro to Raleigh, Vivian and I touched base about dad's progress in the hospital on base. She is going to stay there until Thursday evening or Friday morning, and I'm going to go there after work on Friday.

I went to dancing, but once again didn't dance. It's scary how ingrained dancing is in me now, as when Neon Moon came on—to which we do our traditional first dance called Cruisin'—I immediately started walking to the dance floor until someone said, "You're not dancing!" Oh yeah.
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