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A lazy day, reducing the paper piles, and a Six Feet Under marathon...

Oh my goodness what a lazy day.

I actually did spend a little time straightening up, going through the mounds of paper that had accumulated (don't you love that non-accusing passive voice?) on my table. Okay, I'll make it active voice. "...going through the mounds of paper that my lazy ass has thrown onto the table over the last month."

Robert came over and we began what turned into a Six Feet Under marathon watching spree. We watched one episode, and then had dinner—shrimp cocktail and Mongolian beef (made with ground turkey) and Swiss wraps. Yum!

Then we watched two more episodes, after which if we watched one more, we'd be kind of late for dancing. We watched it anyway. Then we thought, "We could just keep watching." And we did. Until midnight.

We stopped after the first show in the second season, called The Game. I love how the website publishes a full obituary of the person who dies at the beginning of each episode. Here's the one from The Game:

Rebecca Leah Milford
1980 - 2001

Rebecca Leah Milford, 21, an actress who worked on several film and television projects, died Saturday, July 9, 2001 of a drug overdose.

Born in Bakersfield, California, Milford showed an interest in show business at an early age when she starred in grade school productions of "Grease" and "Damn Yankees." When Becky was 13, her parents died in an automobile accident. She soon moved in with her grandparents in Encino, and attended Grove Street Middle School and Herbert Hoover High School.

Becky's career began a short time later, as a model in Seventeen and Teen Cosmo, and in print ads for Bonne Bell cosmetics. She began acting professionally two years ago, with small roles on the Saturday morning kids' television show "Crank it Up" and the cable movies "Passion Play" and "Burned by Desire." She recently starred in the horror movie "Whack Job," starring Brody Farrell, an actor with whom she was romantically linked.

One season down, the second one started, and three to go after that. We just love the show. The writing is just brilliant, and the characters quirky, yet endearing. Oh yeah, we like the opening music, too:

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