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Mystery reader revealed, a good work day, a short car scare, and some pool and pigs...

This is with regards to this little item in my November 11TH entry. Early this morning, I had this e-mail in my work inbox:

Subject: Your Surprise Blog Reader

Hi John,

I'm not sure if I'm the same person Jude was referring to. The story sounds vaguely familiar to my situation—or maybe you have TWO surprise blog readers!

My version..I started reading Raleigh-area blogs earlier this year prior to my move in June. I'm here for the Advanced Analytics program at NCSU. Jude did a presentation for our class a few weeks ago. I didn't personally speak with Jude that day, but I had previously mentioned your blog to one of our program coordinators (Laura) who may have mentioned it to her.

Laura had casually mentioned the luncheon and then a few days later you blogged about it! I suspected it was the same event—small world. I told Laura I've been reading your blog. Maybe she was relaying that story to Jude.

Could this be the story?


A small world, indeed. Sweet! (Thanks for reading, Shawn!)

I had a good day at work today. I did an audience analysis of some meeting minutes and a Ning group to try and determine some potential topics for the first couple of meet-ups that community would like to have.

I spent almost the entire afternoon accommodating a technical and legal document for a lay (student) audience.

At one point in the afternoon I used the restroom, where it smelled like something I had died in there—about a week ago. I saw legs under a stall door. Back at my desk, I tweeted on Twitter:

Is everyone familiar with the concept of a courtesy flush? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=courtesy+flush Please feel not only free, but compelled, to use them. 1:03 PM Nov 14th from web

I showed the gift I made for Saroj to Rhonda, Jude, and Stan, and all of them really liked it. Cool.

When I got home, my heart sank a little for just a moment when I saw my car missing from my spot in front of my townhouse. Then I remembered that I had driven down the street to catch the Wolfline bus today instead of catching the city bus.

As luck would have it, my neighbor, Kathryn, was getting out of her car when I walked up. When I told her what happened, she offered to give me a ride up the street, especially after I mentioned that my MRI for my knee was scheduled for next Thursday.

"Oh," she added," I have something to show you," she said as we both stepped into our respective houses to put our stuff down. Back in her car, she showed me her "rock." She's been talking about getting engaged for about a year now, so I was thrilled for her to hear (and see) that it had finally happened—on her birthday, which was Thursday, the day after my sister's. Yay!

I met Joe at Flex at around 9:30, and it was pretty dead in the place. We tried to play some pool, but once again, the pool table was so crooked that we stopped after two games. They have a couple of boards there to prop up the one side, but no one had put them in and that table is way too heavy to try and lift ourselves to put them under. We know, because we tried.

A decent crowd eventually came into the place, and it was the monthly "Billy Elliot" party, after which people always come down to Flex. Joe and I spent a good chunk of time talking with Cecil, with whom we did the ride.

We ended our evening at IHOP, where I had their Pigs-in-a-Blanket, again with pumpkin-flavored pancakes, again which were out of this world.

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