DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Rob's messed up computer...

I had lunch with Jay today. I caught him up on the TCW board meeting that he missed due to being on the EAGLE cruise, and he caught me up on the latest with the GLBT Education module, which he has asked me to take over leadership of.

I did an installation of IDWB and Frame2000 for Qiana.

I stopped by Rob's on the way to Flex tonight. His computer is totally hosed this time. I was able to make a little progress, but not able to get it to reboot. At this point, the only choices are: 1) try to get a hold of a Windows 98 ME boot CD, or reformat his hard drive and re-install the operating system. That sucks.

Dancing was just okay tonight. I brought 24 cupcakes for Danny's "going away party," and after being "in the back," for a little while, I was informed that the try had been knocked over, spilling all of the cupcakes onto the floor. Ruined.

I also found out that Oasis is closing this Sunday. It's going to be rented out and re-opened as a straight club. What a bummer.

Robert arrived just before 10:00, and we left, together, at around 11:30.

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