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More wag, harmful homos, interesting work day, a photo contest I didn't place in, and a new leader..

Not a bad life philosophy to strive for...


Another tidbit on Prop 8 passage in California:

Visitors to Kim Light/Lightbox Gallery in Culver City are now greeted by a pink danger sign taped to the front door. It says:

WARNING: This area may contain homosexuals, which are known by the State of California to be harmful to the sanctity of heterosexual marriage.

-- Christopher Knight

Photo: Kim Light/Lightbox

My work day started off bright and early this morning with an incredible 9:00–10:30 meeting, at which I presented to about 20 people, and after which the most mind-boggling discussion took place—one which could have huge repercussions over the next couple of months. Interesting.

For lunch today, I tried the "Pepperoni Rolls" at the new Gumby's Pizza place, which is pretty much right next door to my office building. Out of this world.

I have a colleague who is retiring at the end of this month, and for whom we're having a farewell luncheon on the first of December. Today, I made a very cool thing to present to her at that luncheon. I'm excited about it.

My MRI is now scheduled for a week from today in the early morning, after which it's going to be marked for a STAT Read, so it'll be ready in time for my doctor's appointment the next day at 1:30. I'm not at all thrilled about how far out it is, but partly it's because I'm out of town on business Monday through Wednesday of next week.

That China photo contest I entered last week had some serious competition. They received a total of 131 pictures from 30 participants, and the pictures vividly captured a wonderful land and people living there. The winners were announced today, and sad to say, none of my four photos placed at all. However, I don't at all disagree with the ones that did, and I offer my congratulations to the winners. (Click on the category name to see all of the pictures in that category.)

People and Culture

First Prize
#45 "Hao Hai Zi" by John Rash

Second Prize
#53 "Geese to Market in Guilin" by George Rozgony
#58 "Take a Rest" by Jianping Yang

Third Prize
#42 "Crouching Baby, Hidden Smile" by Susannah Stegall
#33 "Tai Chi at Vitoria Park" by Nathaniel Gallinger
#17 "Wisdom with Age" by Carl Zorowski

Landscape and Architecture

First Prize
#21 "Dali Towers in Reflecting Pool" by Ted Shear This is the exact photo I would have picked for first place. It's awesome.

Second Prize
#66 "Zhejiang Xi Tang" by Mei Ingram I love this photo, too.
#37 "Shanghai Night View" by Margo Sauter

Third Prize
#39 "Yangshuo Water Buffalo" by Davis Litzenberger
#46 "Identical Buddha" by Howard Shang
#2 "Rice Terrace" by Jeff Wood

We also give honorary prizes to some of the best pictures among Landscape, because we try to give a fair opportunity to all

#25 "Yellow Mountain" by Prof. Xu Keqian from the Confucius Institute
#55 "Clothing hangs from Shanghai Apartment" by John Rash
#56 "Rooftops in An Afternoon Sun" by John Rash

Our 44th president: (Click image for clearer view.)

I did two loads of laundry tonight.
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