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Prop 8, digital TV, playing with my wiki, and not dancing at dancing...

I've seen this in a plethora of venues on the web now, from news items, to blogs, to tweets on Twitter, and a lot of them have been from straight people, which is encouraging. On the outside chance you haven't seen it:

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment on Proposition 8

As expected my arms hurt when I raise them today (I know, so don't raise them!), and my abs hurt whenever I lift my torso in a certain way—all "good" pain I suppose.

My knee has improved to the point that at one moment today I thought, "Hey, I can almost walk without limping." Last night was quite painful again, though.

With that said, though, I've not been good at what the doctor recommended: 600MG of ibuprofen at each meal and some Tylenol PM before bed. Yesterday I managed to remember the ibuprofen at breakfast, forgot about it at lunch and dinner, and before going to bed realizing I'd never bought any Tylenol PM, just took another 600MG of ibuprofen. And no ice on it all day.

So, for the most part, I've been a bad patient, so I have no right to complain.

We had a decent Information Architecture meeting today from 11-12, after which I crossed the street to attend a 30-minute "Brown Bag Lunch and Learn" about the upcoming "Digital TV (DTV) Revolution." It covered such things as:

  1. Quality Levels (SDTV, EDTV, HDTV (720p), HDTV (1080i), and HDTV (1080p)
  2. Display Resolution
  3. DTV Technology (Flat Screen, Rear-Projection, Front-Projection)
  4. Display Types (Plasma, Liquid Crystal Display, Digital Light Processing, Liquid Crystal on Silicon, and Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
  5. Viewing Distances
  6. Factors to Evaluate when Purchasing
The only thing that would have made this more interesting would have been if I hadn't cleared my home of all TVs 6.5 years ago.

I had a busy afternoon playing with my wiki (sounds so dirty!), and scouring navigational pages that should now be converted to content type pages. Sounds like a lot of drivel, but it's actually a lot of Drupal.

I called my sister for her birthday, but only talked to Jeff, as she was out and about.

I went to dancing tonight, but didn't dance, which was frustrating at times. I kept thinking, "Oh that's my favorite dance."
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