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Some fun stuff, a productive work day, a surprise blog reader, and back to the gym...

This lady's comments just crack me up!

At work today, I attended a two-hour communications meeting in the morning, which was very interesting, and at which I learned a lot.

I attended a two-hour team meeting with Rhonda and Jude, in which we got a lot done. Between my being gone for two weeks and then Rhonda being gone for a week, we had a lot to catch up on, as well as a lot of things coming up to talk about.

Later in the afternoon, Jude told me about a meeting she went to recently in which a person told her that she was telling her class about going to a colleague's wedding celebration luncheon, and as she was describing it, someone in the class said, "You must work with John Martin."

"Why's that?" the person asked.

"Because he described that same luncheon in his blog."

How wild is that? Then the person said, "Yeah, I've been reading his blog for about two years."

If whomever that was is reading this, I'd love to know who you are. :-)

I was the prodigal son to Planet Fitness tonight. I worked on my upper body, lowering the weights from where they were when I last worked out, which was over a month ago, and reducing the number of sets from 5 to 4. I can already tell that tomorrow, I'm probably not going to be able to lift my arms. Oh good. More pain.

After the upper body stuff, I did 4 sets of 20 crunches, followed by 6 sets of 15.

I stopped in the Harris Teeter next door to the gym before heading home.

Today is Veteran's Day. I'd like to thank my father for his service—three one-year tours in Vietnam, including being awarded a purple heart for Operation Purple Martin.

And thanks to any- and everyone who has served.
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