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A mailed card, a canceled card, a doctor's visit, and dinner@Elmo's w/Robert...

I mailed Vivian's birthday card today, actually allowing for the Veteran's Day holiday tomorrow, so she'll get it on Wednesday, her actual birthday.

I noticed early this morning that I'd forgotten all about paying my Kohl's charge card bill, which was due on Saturday. I went to pay it online and noticed that the total due was more than what I'd charged. It wouldn't show me what the extra charges were, but I assumed a late fee or interest, but it was so much more that I thought, "Did I purchase one other thing on it?"

In a phone call to billing, I found out that they had charged me a TWENTY-NINE DOLLAR late charge—an absolute outrage and totally unacceptable. I told her, "If that fee can't be waived, then I'd like to cancel this card."

"I'm sorry sir, but we don't waive fees on our cards, but what I will do is take half off of it for you, so a $14.95 charge."

I said, "Yes, please do that, and then cancel my card, please."

She replied, "Yes sir, I'll do that. You do realize that by canceling your card you won't be able to save on frequent store-wide sales for which you receive bigger discounts when pay with your card."

I said, "Yes, I do," instead of what I was thinking, "You do understand that I won't be shopping at Kohl's for the next year or so, so I'll save even more that way." The late charge was 33% of what I owed on the card. Are they high?

At work today, it was noted that in the meeting on Friday for which I took the minutes, I included this line in the them:

"Some kind of in-house knowledge suppository is needed..."

Good grief! I must have misspelled that word, clicked "suggested words," and then clicked on the wrong one with which to replace the misspelling.

Joe talked with his friend Liz who works at Raleigh Orthopedic, and she helped me to get an appointment today at 2:00 to see "Jeremy," a P.A. there.

After a little drama on the phone (around them not being able to find my appointment) when I called about a half hour before leaving to make sure my appointment was at their Glenwood Avenue location, and not their Cary location, I arrived at about ten minutes until two, with my three new patient forms all filled out, since I had downloaded them from their website before going.

I was delighted to find out that they had free wireless Internet in their waiting room, so while I was there I sent the following tweets on Twitter:

dr's office has wireless! w00t!

$40 co-pay

Given too tight yellow shorts 4 x-rays. Don't match my outfit.

x-rays taken. Deity knows what those'll cost.

x-rays clean. MRI next. Suspicion: torn meniscus pad.

MRI to be scheduled. Back to doc's next week for reading. In the meantime: RICE! Working from home now...

Got some serious United Airlines frequent flyer points for my trip to China:

DateActivityMiles addedElite bonusFare bonusTotal
Oct 20, 2008UA 265 T Class RDU to ORD 64700647
Oct 20, 2008UA 851 W Class ORD to PEK 6,579006,579
Oct 31, 2008UA 836 W Class PVG to ORD 7,056007,056
Oct 31, 2008UA 146 T Class ORD to RDU 64700647
Period total:14,929

I rode out to Manbites Dog Theater to pick up my glasses, and then met Robert at Elmo's for dinner. I had their Greek Grilled Cheese, which is what Katherine had when I went there with her, and about which I said I wanted to try the next time, since she liked it so much. It was delicious.

It was a short, albeit very enjoyable dinner, getting to see Robert and getting caught up on his reunion weekend. I sent him home with a piece of my birthday cake.
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