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Farmers' Market breakfast, some t-shirt fun, dinner w/Kevin et. al., and a little karaoke...

I got up at about 9:00, and after SSSing, I treated myself to the Farmers' Market Restaurant, where I took a seat at the counter, since I was a "party of one." I had on my "No one cares about your blog" t-shirt.

While I was looking at the menu, a lady tapped me on the shoulder, "Excuse me. I know you're just trying to enjoy your breakfast, but we (indicating two couples and another girl that she was with sitting across the u-shaped counter from me—all of whom were looking at us smiling) have a friend, who every time we call her, she's like, 'Have you read my blog?' And we'd like to take a picture of your t-shirt and send it to her."

I said sure, and she snapped my picture with her camera phone. She thanked me, and the other five nodded in thanks from across the counter.

I almost always get the French Toast there, because it is killer, but today I tried their cheddar omelet instead. It was the fluffiest omelet I think I've ever had. They do good food there.

After exiting, and on my way to my car, I passed a father who was waiting for his kid to finish playing on one of the plows or whatever contraptions they have out in front of that place, and he said to me, "I like your shirt. I really like that shirt."

"Thank you," I said and added, "Someone inside liked it so much she asked me if she could take a picture of it."

Kevin (av8rdude) was in town this weekend, and I met him, Kurt, Dave/Jace, and Joe for dinner at 7:30 at the Red, Hot, and Blue on Hillsborough Street. I got their Pulled BBQ sandwich, and it was just alright. I didn't think I'd eaten there before, but as I was eating it occurred to me that I had—at a different location, and I remember feeling the same way. "It's okay, but not great."

It's not likely that I'll return there. In fact, I'm supposed to have lunch with someone there next Wednesday, and I'm going to see if the person wants to go to Two Guys instead. I love that place.

Joe and I stopped by Flex for some free pool, but a table never really became available. It was a weird night there, and I was sort of "out of it," so didn't stay long at all.
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