DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hours on TCW Minutes...

Everyone made book club meeting today except Mary. We didn't discuss the book, though, as Suzanne wasn't ready, and to be honest, neither was I -- at least as ready as I could have been. I could have winged it, but that's not my style.

We rescheduled our night out with Stephanie's therapist, and her transman patient. Hopefully the "guests of honor" will be able to make the new date. I sent a note to Stephanie asking her to check on it for us.

Janet talked a little about the war. Evidently, she's been really keeping up with it. She made some interesting points about the war strategy being "devised" by "non-military" folks, such as Donald Rumsfeld, and she, and Suzanne, in fact, thought Michael Moore's moments at the Academy Awards were right on.

I met with Nathan at 5:00 and gave him a check for $1000 for a 2002 contribution to my Roth IRA. He's going to invest it in a commission- and fee-free government bond fund. He thinks that as soon as it's confirmed that this war is going to be quick, the stock market will take off again. We'll see.

I met Steve, Tom, and Sue at MoJo's for dinner. Will was going to come, but never showed up. We had fun conversation (though it was a little hard to hear there), and when we left Sue just kept saying, "Please join us for dinner on Thursday."

At home, I did the TCW minutes. It always takes longer to do those things then I think it will and I'd like it to. Oh well. I always feel good when they're done, though.

While working on them, Jay Chaffin checked in on AOL, and ended up making a $150 donation to my ride! I was so moved! Robert checked in, as did Jay. Jay said he'd be willing to organize a group outing to see Dream Boy, and then followed up with a note to the book club Yahoo list.

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