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An HCFSA purchase, a productive day at work, and an uncomfortable sleeping night...

Early this morning, I ran to the K-Mart by my house, where I bought a knee brace and an ice bag. At home, I put the receipt for eighteen dollars and some change in my HCFSA envelope.

I hobbled down to the bus stop, and made my way to work—not fun. I felt okay taking one of the "Please give this seat to the elderly or disabled," seats today. Perhaps I qualified on both accounts. Even if I did meet both, I know I still wouldn't have qualified for one of those seats in the Guilin, China airport:

Just noticed my nice checkered boxer shorts, which sort of look like they might just be an inside lining to my shorts, but they aren't. It's underwear. (At least I was wearing some, mom, and they were clean.)

I had a productive day at work today, finishing the updating of the status of all of our projects now on our new Wiki. I also took the minutes of a campus-wide meeting facilitated by System Admin team, who are co-workers of mine. Good people.

I had planned on going out this evening, but at around 9:30 two things occurred to me: (1) I really should stay home and rest this knee some more, and (2) It's 120 Minutes night at Flex, which is not my favorite night each month.

I stayed in and got to bed at about 10:30.

I woke up at about 12:30, with my knee absolutely killing me, going through some more perseverating thoughts, "Great. Now you really need to go to the doctor, and it's the weekend. I wonder if Raleigh Orthopedics is open on the weekend. If so, I wonder what hours. Why oh why did you wait?" and on and on and on.

At 2:30, I hobbled downstairs and lay down on my couch, where for some reason I was infinitely more comfortable. I put my new ice pack on my knee, and fell asleep not long afterwards.
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